10 of the most promising electric two-wheeler makers of 2023

10 of the most promising electric two-wheeler makers of 2023

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 Feb 2024

Interestingly, Lectrix EV stands at the top of this list with the most number of scooters sold

  • Chetak follows the Lectrix and comes second by not a big margin
  • You also have Tork Motors in this list, a brand famous for the Tork Kratos
  • BattRE electric mobility has also been making a couple of impressive scooters 

2024 is an opportune moment to delve into the realm of electric vehicles, particularly electric two-wheelers. For those contemplating this shift, we've undertaken substantial research on your behalf. To facilitate your decision-making process, here's a concise overview of ten promising electric two-wheeler brands in 2023.

1) Lectrix EV

LXS G2.0Rs 1,02,999

Electric scooters are gaining popularity, presenting consumers with a myriad of choices. Selecting the ideal EV scooter, considering budget constraints and desired features, can be daunting. Key considerations encompass smart features, safety, comfort, sturdiness, service accessibility, and availability. A noteworthy discovery by our team is the Lectrix LXS G scooters, particularly the G 2.0 & G 3.0 variants. Priced attractively for Indian buyers, these scooters showcase Lectrix's expertise in batteries, EV drivetrains, BMS, and IOT for EVs.

2) Chetak Technology

Chetak UrbaneRs 1,35,463
Chetak PremiumRs 1,44,463

Bajaj Chetak, with an upgraded battery and extended range, focuses on delivering enhanced value. Priced at Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom), it competes effectively with Ola S1 Pro and TVS iQube S. While lacking some advanced features, the Chetak appeals to those seeking a straightforward electric scooter with a credible claimed range, comfortable ergonomics, spacious design, and plush ride quality. The Premium variant, with additional tech features, is recommended for enthusiasts.

3) Komaki

VeniceRs 1.15 lakh
RangerRs 1.68 lakh

The Komaki Ranger and Venice, priced at Rs 1,68,000 and Rs 1,15,000 (ex-showroom) respectively, enter showrooms from January 26th, 2022. Positioned in the electric bike segment, their eligibility for FAME-II benefits remains uncertain. FAME-II support, if secured, could significantly impact their market competitiveness.

4) BattRE

BattRE StorieRs 89,600

Jaipur-based Batt:RE introduces the Stor:ie, a retro-designed electric scooter priced at Rs 89,600 (ex-showroom). With a Lucas TVS-sourced hub motor and a removable 3.1kWh battery pack, the Stor:ie claims an ICAT-certified range of 132km and a top speed of 65 kmph.

5) Jitendra EV Tech

PrimoRs 79,999

Nashik-based Jitendra EV debuts the Primo, India’s first transparent-bodied e-scooter, priced at ₹79,999. Powered by a 60V, 26Ah battery, it offers a 65 km range and a top speed of 52 kmph, catering primarily to city commuting.

6) Ivoomi

S1Rs 84,999
Jeet82,999 onwards 

iVOOMi Energy enters the electric scooter market with the S1 priced at Rs 84,999 and the Jeet in two variants: standard (Rs 82,999) and Pro (Rs 92,999). The S1 boasts a sporty design, while the Jeet features a neo-retro look with premium appeal.

7) Tork Motors

KratosRs 1,22,499 onwards 

Tork Kratos R introduces the Eco+ riding mode, extending the claimed range to 150km. With a 4kWh battery and a 4.5kW motor, Tork Kratos R offers diverse riding modes, a fully digital instrument console, USB charging port, and a reverse mode.

8) Amo Mobility Solutions

JauntyRs 62,964 
InspirerRs 53,951

Jaunty, a robust and energy-efficient e-scooter, offers a range of 75-100 plus kilometers on a single charge, reaching speeds of 25km/hr.

9) Quantum Energy 

Elektron Rs 91,000
MilanRs 89,000

Quantum emphasizes a game-changing, fast, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation, providing the perfect balance between speed and maneuverability with zero emissions.

10) Benling India Energy

BelieveRs 97,520

Gurugram-based Benling introduces the Believe e-scooter at Rs 97,520 (ex-showroom). With a futuristic design, dual LED headlights, and multiple color options, the Believe stands out in the high-speed electric scooter segment.

Benling harnesses a potent 3.2kW BLDC hub motor with a consistent power output of 3kW for the Believe electric scooter. Accelerating from 0-40kmph in a swift 5.5 seconds, it boasts a claimed top speed of 75kmph. Powering this performance is a robust 3.2kWh lithium-ferrous-phosphate battery pack, providing a commendable 120km range in Eco mode. Charging the battery takes a purported four hours.

In terms of suspension, the Benling Believe incorporates a telescopic fork and dual shocks setup, ensuring a balanced and smooth ride. Braking responsibilities are adeptly handled by a front disc brake and a rear drum brake.

Benling's commitment to feature-rich offerings is evident. Beyond standard features like keyless ignition, USB charger, anti-theft system, and an optional GPS system, the Believe showcases an intriguing 'Smart Breakdown Assist System.' This system supposedly allows the e-scooter to travel 25km in the event of a breakdown, although the specific workings remain undisclosed.

Benling aims for swift market penetration, asserting the readiness of 3,000 units for delivery within a month, followed by an additional 9,000 units. Positioned in competition with models like the Okinawa PraisePro, the Benling Believe stands as a compelling option in the electric scooter landscape.