10 Reasons Why A Two-wheeler Training Course Will Help You!

10 Reasons Why A Two-wheeler Training Course Will Help You!

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 20 Apr 2023

Such schools usually have experts who are obviously a lot more experienced than the average rider, and their inputs are incredibly important. 

  • Such courses cost anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs 6,000, depending on the two-wheeler you and the type of course you opt for. 
  • Such training courses can, thankfully, be found all over India, including the third-tier cities.
  • Them proving the two-wheeler for you also saves costs for you. 

Motorcycle riding, including both track and off-road riding, is becoming increasingly popular among India's youth. Bikers from all over the country want to improve their skills and are looking for schools that can help them do so. 

Two-wheeler riding schools in India offer world-class training on par with their international counterparts. As a result, many young people enrol in such training facilities to pursue their dream of becoming professional track riders. If you want to be a motorbike rider, here are some reasons why you should consider taking a training course:

       1)  Perfect Place For Newbies

Don't be concerned if you're not a seasoned rider; these courses are appropriate for riders of different levels. If you're a complete novice, here are just a few advantages to attending it:

  • Many organisations will provide new riders with discounts and training.
  • Every rider has areas where they can improve. You're not by yourself.

      2)  Much Safer Way To Practice

Riding on a closed and controlled track creates a safe riding environment with fewer surface hazards and roadside obstacles than you would encounter on the road. This is especially useful if you want to ride fast and push yourself!

      3)  All Of It Under The Eye Of The Experts

Training courses provide you with the opportunity to receive hands-on training from experienced professionals. You may believe that you are riding perfectly based on how you feel, but the instructors are there to observe and provide immediate feedback, allowing you to adjust and improve your riding.

      4)  Learning New Techniques Is So Much Simpler

Do you want to learn to drive at higher speeds, master corners, or improve your braking technique? Many of the skills you'll learn at track days are easily transferable to real-world scenarios. Being more at ease with your motorcycle and how it responds allows you to concentrate on riding defensively.

     5)  Understand Your Bike Inside-out

There are many different types of motorcycle training courses available in such training courses. You can get the most out of your bike and learn how it truly handles at speed without being distracted by road hazards, speed limits, or other vehicles.

     6)  Much Lesser Distractions 

You don't have to worry about other vehicles on the track while learning and practising manoeuvres. Track organisers typically divide riders into groups based on skill level, which means fewer distractions to interfere with your training.

      7)  Great Environment To Make Friends In The Same Community

Do you know what you and all the other people at the training course have in common? Motorcycles! Such training schools are a great way to meet other riders in the area and form a community; you might want to invite them on your next group motorbike ride!

      8)  It’s Very Enjoyable

We're confident that you'll have a great time experiencing just the sheer fun of such a training course. They’re all about having fun and meaningful one-on-one time with your bike!

      9)  It’s A Place Where Speed Doesn’t Matter

Riding on such a course is all about taking it easy, letting it all soak in, understanding the nature of riding rather than going out and out fast. While the perils of being crashed into because of going slow always exist out on the public roads, such confined environments allow you the time, deal with you patiently, waiting for you to figure out a pace that suits you. 

    10)  They’re Not Expensive

Training schools, thankfully, aren’t extremely expensive in India. They’re not only available in almost all parts of the country, but they also don’t charge a bomb for it. Prices for most courses vary from about Rs 2,000 to about Rs 5,000. What they also provide you along with it, is a motorcycle/scooter and a fixed track on which you can hone your skills. Given how price-sensitive our market is, it’s a big plus that such schools aren’t very expensive. 

Bonus Point: You Become A Much Safer Rider

As previously stated, the ultimate goal of such training courses is to improve one's street riding skills. Yes, some people go on to become racers, which is admirable. However, most track riders are content to continue riding only on the streets. 

The payoff exceeds all of the items on this list. When you hit the road, you'll notice that you can process more information about your riding and that your speeds appear to be lower. The combination of the two makes your street time safer and more enjoyable because you have more tricks to deal with whatever the road throws at you.

That brings us to the end of this listicle. These 10 things were what we thought of paramount importance, and why such schools deserve your money.