10 Reasons Why Two-wheelers Are So Popular In Rural India

10 Reasons Why Two-wheelers Are So Popular In Rural India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Apr 05, 2023

We see if the practical and frugal nature of two-wheelers translate the same way in urban India. 

  • The rural part of India is an even more cost-sensitive one than urban India. 
  • Rugged commuters do extremely well in such areas. 
  • Scooters, meanwhile, might not be preferred given their lack of ample ground clearance and smaller wheels. 

The rapid growth of two-wheeler usage in India is an important issue that has received insufficient attention. In the Indian context, two-wheelers are a cost-effective mode of transportation and it’s quite the same way in rural India as well. Here are six reasons why they’re preferred over other modes of transport in rural India: 

    1)  They’re a lot more cost-effective

What comes to mind when you think of transportation? Bus? Taxi? Train? Car? For good reason, conventional wisdom and societal norms would say that these are the only ways to get around. Travelling by train or bus, on the other hand, can be exhausting and expensive at times, especially if the journey is long. When we compare the cost of biking to this scenario, we may discover that riding a two-wheeler is the most practical and cost-effective option!

    2)  They save a LOT of your time

There is a lot to consider when taking public transportation to work. Nonetheless, many of us rarely think about it. There's the ride to the train or bus station, the journey itself, and the time it takes to get from the destination terminal to your workplace. You can save a lot of time by commuting by two-wheeler. It's time to reward yourself by arriving at work relaxed rather than stressed.

    3)  Greater freedom & adaptability 

The ability to move anywhere, at any time, and still get to work on time is a major motivator for people's decisions. According to research, most people value their time based on what they can accomplish in that time. In other words, if you can complete all tasks in half an hour, people not only feel more productive, but also have more free time. 

Getting on a motorcycle saves a lot of this valuable free time from the crowded public transportation commute; it's no surprise that so many people are into it.

    4)  It can be exciting! 

When you have to spend a significant portion of your day travelling, you might as well spend it doing something you enjoy. When you ride your motorcycle, the journey is no longer boring; it simply means that you will be able to enjoy your commute to and from work.

    5)  They don’t mandate external contact 

We are bound to come into contact with other people when we travel by public transportation. When you travel by bike, you can keep your distance and move at your own pace. This is especially important given the current pandemic crisis. We should keep a safe distance from each other on the road, especially strangers. 

However, before you hit the road with your bike, make sure you purchase two-wheeler insurance online.

   6)   Good roads, bad roads, no roads, you have it all covered!

Urban India isn’t exactly known for its good roads. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. So when you factor in the high ground clearance and plenty of suspension travel, motorcycles make a lot more sense than cars. Most commuter bikes are more than ready to take on the broken roads, and if yours is on the rugged side of things, even better! 

No wonder why robust two-wheelers like the TVS XL100, Bajaj CT110X and the Bajaj CT125X sell like hot cakes in those parts of India. 

   7)  Better mileage and cheaper to maintain

Two-wheelers outperform cars in terms of mileage; cars' average mileage does not typically exceed 20 - 25 km per litre of gasoline. However, for two-wheelers, it can be 50 km/litre, and for bikes, it can be 80 - 90 km/litre. With the rising cost of gasoline, bikes can be a lifeline; they can result in significant long-term savings.

   8)  They’re safer!

The growing demand for two-wheelers has resulted in a slew of high-end options that have been rigorously tested for the highest safety standards. Many accessories are now available, allowing the rider to drive at a reasonable speed while still having the necessary safety equipment. It is prudent to invest in such safety equipment if you intend to ride your two-wheeler at maximum speed. 

Some high-end two-wheelers (bikes) are built to international standards. The wheels have been stress-tested and optimised for grip and width to improve speed and safety.

    9)  Parking them doesn’t require you to break a sweat

Finding a parking space for a four-wheeler can be a nightmare in many places; two-wheelers, on the other hand, have it relatively easy because they take up less space. Many two-wheelers can be stacked close together, whereas a car requires enough space between them to allow the door on either side to be opened.

   10)  A lot more financing options

Two-wheeler loans are specially tailored to the borrower's income level. A lot of banks provide two-wheeler loans with minimal hassle: the paperwork is minimal, and the time between application and disbursement is short. The processing fee is very low, and interest rates begin at as low as 9% per annum.