2024: Top 5 Budget 125cc Commuter Bikes In India

2024: Top 5 Budget 125cc Commuter Bikes In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Mar 08, 2024

The Bajaj CT125X comes across as a rugged, do-it-all commuter bike

  • For those looking for the reliability of the Splendor badge, the Super Splendor could be a good choice
  • Honda’s SP 125 and Shine are some of the oldest contenders in this segment
  • Meanwhile, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 presents itself as a sporty alternative to these commuters

The 125cc commuters can serve as a favourable middle-ground option in India. While some individuals may desire vehicles with more aspirational features than conventional 100cc commuters, they might find themselves unable to afford the 150-200cc alternatives, such as the Yamaha R15 V4 or the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Hence, for such individuals, 125cc commuters present a well-balanced choice. If you belong to this category, here is a brief overview of the five best budget 125cc commuters available in India:

Bajaj CT125X

The Bajaj CT125X remains the most economical 125cc bike on this list. However, compared to last year's pricing, the CT125X has seen a slight increase in price and now retails at Rs. 74,016 for the drum model and Rs. 77,216 (both ex-showroom, Delhi) for the disc brake model. 

SpecificationsBajaj CT125X
Engine124.4cc engine
Maximum power10.9PS
Maximum torque11Nm

It exhibits a purposeful appearance with minimalistic design elements. Its features include a round bulb headlight with an LED DRL above. The Bajaj CT125X is equipped with a 124.4cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, generating 10.7 bhp and 11 Nm of torque. Upon testing the bike previously, we found it to offer nimble handling, lively engine performance, and city riding comfort.

Honda Shine 125

The Honda Shine  holds a prominent position in the 125cc commuter bike segment. It boasts a straightforward design with balanced proportions and commendable performance. Honda provides the Shine in two variants: Drum and Disc. The listed price for the drum variant is Rs. 79,800, while the disc variant is priced at Rs. 83,800 (both ex-showroom, Delhi). 

SpecificationsHonda Shine 125
Engine124cc engine
Maximum power10.74PS
Maximum torque11Nm

The Honda Shine is offered in five colour options: Black, Rebel Red Metallic, Matte Axis Grey, Genny Grey Metallic, and Decent Blue Metallic. 

Powering the Honda Shine is a single-cylinder 123.94cc engine, delivering 10.59 bhp and 11 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a five-speed gearbox. The overall hardware of the Shine is straightforward and should not incur significant expenses if replacements are required. Its suspension system comprises telescopic front forks and dual rear springs, while the brakes are mounted on alloy wheels.

Hero Super Splendor

The Hero Super Splendor is priced at Rs. 80,848 for the drum variant and Rs. 84,748 (both ex-showroom, Delhi) for the disc brake model. It is equipped with a 124.7cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, delivering 10.72 bhp and 10.6 Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a five-speed gearbox. The Super Splendor is available in two variants: drum and disc. 

SpecificationsHero Super Splendor
Maximum Power10.87PS
Maximum Torque10.6Nm

It features a diamond chassis with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. The braking system consists of a single disc for the top trim and drum brakes at both ends for the base model. Overall, the Super Splendor is renowned for its fuel efficiency and durability, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting. Additionally, Hero's extensive service network enhances accessibility for potential Super Splendor owners.

Honda SP125

Another Honda option worth considering in the 125cc commuter segment is the SP 125. Not only is it designed for practicality, but it also boasts a stylish appearance with a youthful yet purposeful design. The SP 125 features a distinctive fascia and a muscular fuel tank. Honda provides the SP 125 in three variants: Drum, Disc, and Sports Edition. 

SpecificationsHonda SP125
Engine123.94cc air-cooled engine
Maximum Power10.9PS
Maximum Torque10.9Nm

The base model is priced at Rs. 86,017, while the Disc and Sports trim are priced at Rs. 90,017 and Rs. 90,567 (all ex-showroom, Delhi), respectively. Powering the SP 125 is a 124cc engine producing 10.72 bhp and 10.9 Nm of torque, paired with a five-speed gearbox. 

The Honda SP 125 offers nimble handling and is easy to manoeuvre in traffic. Its upright rider triangle ensures comfortable riding, complemented by a well-tuned suspension setup. Honda presents the SP 125 in seven attractive paint schemes: Black, Matte Marvel Blue Metallic, Decent Blue Metallic, Heavy Grey Metallic, Imperial Red Metallic, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, and Pearl Siren Blue.

Bajaj Pulsar 125

Finally, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 completes our list. It is available at a price of Rs. 80,416 for the base model, Rs. 89,984 for the single-piece seat carbon-fibre variant, and Rs. 94,138 (all ex-showroom, Delhi) for the split seat model. The Pulsar 125 retains its muscular and robust design, a characteristic that has resonated well in Tier 2, Tier 3, and rural areas over the years. 

SpecificationsBajaj Pulsar 125
Engine124cc engine
Maximum power11.99PS
Maximum torque11Nm

With its substantial appearance, the bike exudes confidence on the road. Powering the Pulsar 125 is a 125cc single-cylinder engine, delivering 11.64 bhp and 10.8 Nm of torque, mated to a five-speed gearbox. Bajaj has outfitted the Pulsar 125 with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks for enhanced ride quality and stability.