5 Best Electric Scooters For College Students

5 Best Electric Scooters For College Students

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 8 Jul 2023

These scooters will truly help you stand out among the ICE crowd. 

  • The Ather 450X stands out like no other scooter, given its radical design.
  • If you want something truly funky, the Ola S1 Pro is quite a good contender.
  • Retro lovers, though, will absolutely adore the Bajaj Chetak.

Electric scooters are gaining increasing popularity in India. Although they are not completely free from pollution, they emit no tailpipe emissions and are considered more eco-friendly compared to conventional petrol-powered two-wheelers. And above this, some of them look flashy and very-very attractive. So if you want something similar to stand out while you go for college, here’s a list of five scooters that will help you do so: 

   1.Ather 450X - Rs 1,28,443 onwards

SpecificationsAther 450X
Motor6kW (peak)
Top Speed90kmph
Battery pack3.7kWh

105km (Eco mode)

85km (Ride mode)

There’s nothing quite like the Ather 450X on the market as of now, and most of it is down to its futuristic design. It looks futuristic, sharp and very sporty and it goes like one as well. Its handling, in fact, is almost motorcycle-like given its grippy tyres and sharp rake and trail angles. 

All of this combined with its endless list of features, means it’ll really help you stand out among your friends. Plus a range of 105km in Eco mode means it will take up the duties of taking you to college and back home every day without much of a hassle. All of it while looking like a scooter that’s from 2030 maybe. 

   2.Simple One - Rs 1,45,000 onwards

Specifications  Simple One
Top Speed105kmph

Ones that find the Ather 450X to be a bit too limited because of its range could consider the Simple One. It looks sharp and aggressive (quite similar to the Ather actually) but while packing a lot more. A 105kmph top speed means it's quite motorcycle-like and a 236km range means it’ll be QUITE some time before you have to visit a charging station to juice it up.

Performance-loving college students should definitely have a look at the Simple One. 

   3.Ola S1 Pro - Rs 1,39,999

Specifications  Ola S1 Pro 
Top Speed116kmph
Range170km (Eco Mode)

If the Ather 450X impressed you with its sharpness and sportiness, the Ola S1 Pro might win you over with its funky curves and overall European scooter-like design. The LED headlight is bulky and while it won’t impress all, some of those who love it, will swear by it. One thing you will have to give it though, is that there’s nothing quite like it on the market as of now. 

And backing those looks is a massive modern-looking 7-inch TFT console. And the icing on the cake is that it’s touchscreen too! So you could flaunt that in front of your friends, shuffling through the console with just your bare hands, without ever needing to use the switch cubes Ola has provided on the left side of the handlebar. 

   4.Bajaj Chetak - Rs 1,22,453 onwards

Specifications  Bajaj Chetak
Top Speed63kmph

But then not everyone wants modern and flashy, right? Some of you, we are sure, love stylish and retro scooters, ones that are so beautiful that they remind you of the ones your parents owned. Here comes the Bajaj Chetak. Known as the ‘Vespa of electric scooters’, the Vespa was made as an ode to the original Bajaj Chetak scooter and it looks every bit retro. 

Its all-metal construction, flowing lines and gorgeously retro design makes it look straight out of the 80s. A retro-looking scooter with a modern touch, is what it is. So if you own something like a Vespa scooter and are looking to make the switch to electric, it doesn’t get any better than the Bajaj Chetak. And all that beauty is complemented by a gorgeous round console. Among all the TFTs, the Chetak’s old-school LCD console definitely stands out. 

   5.TVS iQube - Rs 1,41,533 onwards

Specifications  TVS iQube S
Motor4.4kW Hub Motor
Top Speed82kmph
Battery3.04kWh Li-ion Battery Pack

Retro lovers for whom the Chetak is a bit too spartan will find the TVS iQube to be quite charming. It looks modern yet nothing too in-your-face. In fact, its design is very cohesive and pleasing to the eye. It quite reminds us of being the ‘Jupiter of electric scooters’, meaning it’s simple and does the job very well, something that is quite charming in itself. 

But that’s not it. What it packs is a torquey motor that’s a hoot to use in the city. Top that with its 82kmph top speed means it can even do highway jaunts rather well. So if you are a youngster who likes his/her electric scooter with a dash of performance, the iQube will keep you more than entertained on your everyday commutes to college.