5 Best Electric Scooters In India

5 Best Electric Scooters In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | May 31, 2023

They’re all very functional and priced decently well. 

  • The Ather 450X takes the cake if you want a sporty and fun electric scooter.
  • The TVS iQube, meanwhile, is for the ones wanting a family-friendly, relaxed scooter.
  • Ola’s S1 series, unfortunately, has had its fair share of issues over the years.

In India, electric mobility has advanced significantly from low-performance scooters with limited range. Modern electric scooters are loaded with technology that is not even found in two-wheelers that are ten times more expensive. 

Additionally, they now provide performance that is on par with or better than 110cc scooters, as well as a range that is suitable for daily use. Therefore, your next purchase might want to be an electric scooter. Here are the electric scooters that we think are best in India.

  1. Ather 450X
  2. TVS iQube ST
  3. Hero Vida V1
  4. Okinawa PraisePro
  5. Ampere Primus

1- Ather 450X

The third generation iteration of Ather Energy's premier electric scooter, known as the Ather Energy 450x Gen 3, was released in July 2022. The scooter has a more potent electric motor that can provide the equivalent of 8.7 horsepower of power and has a 146 km riding range that has been verified by ARAI. 

Not only that, but an all-aluminum frame has improved the construction of Ather's scooter body, which was previously well-engineered. Additionally, it receives a new tyre tread profile and tyre pressure monitoring system accessories. Even its digital dashboard has received an upgrade with extra RAM to improve performance. 

In all likelihood, the Ather 450x Gen 3 is the greatest electric scooter available in India. This is one of the most high-end electric scooters now on Indian roads in terms of riding quality, build, and overall experience.

Ather 450X

2- TVS iQube ST

The TVS iQube ST electric scooter sticks out for having a more traditional appearance, but that has advantages of its own. For starters, the iQube ST features one of the largest boot compartments, allowing you to fit two full-sized helmets to protect both you and your travelling companion. That's not all, though. 

The scooter has a maximum riding range of 110 km in performance mode and 145 km in economy mode. The scooter is one of the best-performing electric scooters on the market because it can reach a respectable riding speed of 82 kmph when used in the latter. Additionally, you receive a 7-inch touchscreen with social media notifications, Bluetooth music playing, and integration with Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

TVS iQube ST

3- Hero Vida V1

This month, the Vida sub-brand of Hero Motocorp unveiled the Vida V1 electric scooter. The scooter is available in the Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro models. Regarding the features and specifications, both models have a top speed of 80 kmph, but the V1 Pro can accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.2 seconds while the V1 Plus needs 3.4 seconds. 

The new EV two-wheelers will be able to give a range of 163 km for the V1 Pro and 143 km for the V1 Plus, respectively, according to the claimed range. A portable battery pack that can be charged from empty to 80% capacity in under 65 minutes powers both electric scooters. 

Hero Vida V1

4- Okinawa PraisePro

The PraisePro electric scooter has a stylish design. Between the Praise and iPraise+, it occupies the middle ground and provides the optimum balance. A USB charging outlet, anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, LED headlights and turn indicators, disc brakes on both ends, and riding modes are among the features. 

It receives a 110km-range lithium-ion battery pack from the iPraise+ that can be fully charged in two to three hours. With a 2500 watt engine inside, the PraisePro can reach high speeds of 65 to 70 km per hour. 

Okinawa PraisePro

5- Ampere Primus

A beautiful and sporty-looking electric scooter called the Ampere Primus was just released in the Indian market. A 4 kW motor that can propel the car to high speeds of 77 kph and accelerate it from 0 to 40 kph in 4.2 seconds is packed within. A 3kWh battery is used to power the Ampere Primus, which is said to have a range of 107km in Power mode on a single charge. 

Two riding modes, City and Eco, are included with the scooter. Using a 5A outlet, charging the battery can take up to 5 hours. A digital instrument cluster, reverse mode, Bluetooth connectivity, and other amenities are included in Ampere's feature set.

Ampere Primus

Bonus Scooter- BattRE

It has features like an LED headlight, taillight and indicators. It also has a digital LCD instrument dashboard, a USB charger, keyless entry, an anti-theft alarm, a disc lock and even reverse assist technology. It has a little 250 watt motor with a 25 kmph top speed. This along with its 74kg small weight makes it a scooter that is suitable for inexperienced or beginning riders. The scooter has a 90km range thanks to its lithium ion battery pack.