5 Most Stylish 125cc Scooters In India

5 Most Stylish 125cc Scooters In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jun 26, 2023

These pack flamboyance and grandeur no other scooter wears in the powerful 125cc segment.

  • The Vespa SXL 125 takes the top spot here as it can be rated most stylish retro scooter.
  • TVS NTorq is known for sportiness and apt performance among the lot.
  • The Aprilia SXR 125 boasts of premium maxi styling, something that no one else in this list does.

Stylish and premium scooters can be an absolute joy to have. Be it boasting of its looks to your colleagues or using its endless list of features on your Sunday ride, they can do it all. Plus the style statement that they bring to the crowd is incredible and the sheer amount of eyeballs you can grab with such a scooter is very pleasing. 

If such scooters are your thing as well, here’s a list at five of the most premium and best-looking 125cc scooters out there in the Indian market: 

  1.Vespa SXL 125 - Rs 1.33 lakh 

SpecificationsVespa SXL 125
Engine124.8cc engine
Maximum power9.78PS
Maximum torque10.11Nm

Vespa scooters are something that’ll definitely help you stand out wherever you are and it’s mainly down to their iconic design. They are curvy, flowing and timeless in their design, something that’ll be very relevant even after years of going without any major design changes. 

They help people think of it as a scooter from the 90s: elegant and gorgeous to look at and they’re undoubtedly some of the most stylish scooters in the country. 

Vespa SXL 125 - Rs 1.33 lakh

  2.Aprilia SXR 125- Rs 1.32 lakh onwards

SpecificationsAprilia SXR 125
Engine125cc engine
Maximum power9.5PS
Maximum torque9.2Nm

Aprilias have always been incredibly aspirational and the SXR 125 is no different. With its big, stylish and authentically maxi-scooter design, it’ll help you stand out from pretty much any other scooter out there. What stands out even more is the large windscreen the scooter has on its front apron. 

It’s muscular, sporty and boasts of top-notch built quality, something that we often find ourselves wanting in most of the other scooters in India and that’ll definitely help you stand out among your friends in college. 

All that is backed by quite a comprehensive list of features too. It’s equipped with an LCD display that shows important information like the speed, distance travelled, and fuel level, and temperature. If you want a scooter with attractive looks, decent performance and something that looks like nothing else in the market, then the SXR 125 is a good option for you.

Aprilia SXR 125- Rs 1.32 lakh onwards

  3.Suzuki Burgman Street 125- Rs 93,000 onwards 

SpecificationsSuzuki Burgman Street 125
Engine124cc engine
Maximum power8.7PS
Maximum torque10Nm

The Suzuki Burgman Street is quite a popular scooter model known for its stylish and modern design, the only other proper maxi-scooter in India, second to the SXR 125. It features a contemporary European-inspired design language with sharp lines and smooth curves, giving it a distinctive and attractive appearance, something with which you are bound to grab the attention of endless people.

Just a single look at this scooter is, in no way enough as it showcases a large front apron that houses a uniquely designed LED headlight along with integrated turn indicators, providing excellent visibility and enhancing its overall aesthetics. The front apron also incorporates a wide windscreen, which helps deflect wind and provides better protection for the rider.

Suzuki Burgman Street 125- Rs 93,000 onwards

  4.TVS NTorq 125- Rs 84,386 onwards 

SpecificationsTVS NTorq 125
Engine124.8cc engine
Maximum power9.38PS
Maximum torque10.5Nm

The Race XP version of the NTorq 125 scooter is the most powerful 125cc scooter to exist in India. While it doesn’t boast of a futuristic design language, something that the previous three scooters do, this one packs a punch and its performance will definitely impress you a lot. 

TVS has taken inspiration from fighter jets to design the NTorq 125, aiming to attract young buyers with its sleek and edgy body panels, complemented by stylish decals. All these things aside though, the sheer way the NTorq 125 pulls is very different from all of its rivals. It shoots off the line and reaches a top speed of more than 90kmph, something that’s unheard of in the scooter segment in India. 

TVS NTorq 125- Rs 84,386 onwards

  5.Yamaha Fascino 125- Rs 78,600 onwards 

SpecificationsYamaha Fascino 125
Engine125cc engine
Maximum power8.2PS
Maximum torque10.3Nm

Like the other aforementioned scooters in this list, the Fascino 125 too boasts of quite an iconic design. But it’s quite different from the others. This one isn’t sharp and aggressive neither is it retro-ish. It takes a different approach, something that’s found a lot in other Southern Asian countries. 

So if you want something that looks like absolutely nothing else in the market right now, the Fasciono is definitely a great choice. It's smarter, faster, livelier, and easier to ride in city traffic. Plus, its hybrid powertrain is very interesting since it provides a lot of torque down the rev range, making up for a really nice commuter.  The scooter also comes with added features and attractive new colour options, making it a strong competitor against other scooters in the market.

Yamaha Fascino 125- Rs 78,600 onwards