5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid The KTM RC 125

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid The KTM RC 125

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Mar 13, 2024

The RC 125’s 124.7cc engine makes 14.5PS and 12Nm

  • While it is one of the most powerful 125cc, the performance is rather underwhelming
  • In its latest iteration, even the RC 125’s design is quite polarising
  • And all of that comes at a rather exorbitant price

If you've been contemplating bringing home an entry sports bike, you've likely considered the Yamaha R15 V4 and the KTM RC 125. If you find yourself torn between the two, here are five reasons why steering clear of the RC 125 might be wise, and why opting for the R15 V4 instead could be a better choice:

1) Lack of features

The new RC 125 features an LCD instrument console, sourced from the 250 Adventure. It showcases various data such as speed, engine RPM, trip-meter/odometer readings, real-time mileage, distance-to-empty, and average speed, providing a comprehensive array of information. Despite its informative display, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, unlike its larger counterparts, the RC 125 is equipped with a halogen headlight instead of an LED unit. However, the tail lamp and blinkers maintain LED technology.

And while these things are not very bad, the competition makes this sound dated. Especially so when you factor in a bike like the Yamaha R15 V4, which now even gets a quickshifter and as much as a TFT console. The TFT console now boasts of a traction control, a feature that is very very important on such beginner bikes. Such extra layers of safety let beginner riders make that many more mistakes with the bike being so forgiving. 

2) Underwhelming engine 

When you ignite the RC 125, you'll encounter a toned-down version of the recognisable KTM exhaust sound. Powered by a 124cc liquid-cooled engine, it lacks the ferocity typical of other KTMs, which might seem incongruous on a racetrack. With a modest output of 14.5PS, it faces challenges in reaching its top speed of 120kmph, and initial acceleration fails to deliver excitement. However, it does feature a smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox and a responsive throttle, helping to mitigate its limited power output.

In sum, the RC 125 does not feel as good and fast to ride as the R15 V4. So if you are looking for an out-and-out quicker beginner bike, the R15 V4 is definitely a lot better. That said, if you insist on buying a 125cc bike, you could have a look at the TVS Raider. Its 125cc bike is a lot more peppy and feels more fun and faster and we think it could surely defeat the RC 125 out on a race track. 

3) Polarising looks 

The RC 125 is distinguished by its prominent branding, prominently displaying "RC" throughout the bike. Its design and size closely resemble those of its siblings, the RC 200 and RC 390. The sharply styled full-fairing, featuring LED daytime running lights and twin projectors at the front, is a hallmark characteristic of KTM's fully-faired motorcycles.

Echoing its counterparts, the RC 125 showcases an exposed sub-frame and a split-seat arrangement, contributing to its aggressive aesthetic. Additionally, it features a grab rail that protrudes noticeably, further enhancing its distinct appearance. Noteworthy is the RC 125's blacked-out frame and dual-tone colour schemes, which diverge from KTM's standard offerings internationally.

While it does catch a lot of eyeballs, the bike definitely does not look as good as something like the R15 V4. The R15 is upfront the more visually appealing bike of the two. 

4) Taxing ergonomics 

While the RC 125’s engine is not from the rather lovable RC 200 or RC 390, the ergonomics are taken straight off the aforementioned, much faster bikes. So while the bike does not go as fast, it is as committed as the other two. The clip on the handlebar is set quite low so the lean to reach in is quite steep and your wrists are positioned parallel to your waist. 

And then the footpegs, they are not only rear set but also quite high, so even your legs are in a tight position and neither your upper body nor your lower body will be able to spend long hours in this position. Heck, even commuting can be quite a pain. 

5) Price

KTM has set the price of the RC 125 at a relatively high Rs 1,89,542, ex-showroom Delhi. This places it in a comparable price range to the Yamaha R15 V4, which offers a lot more power, capability, and forgiveness. Around a race track, the R15 V4 would be a lot faster than the RC 125. All of that, while being the safer and easier bike to ride. So if we are talking about sports bikes for beginners, it does not get any better than the R15 V4. C