5 Things You Should Definitely Know About The KTM RC 200

5 Things You Should Definitely Know About The KTM RC 200

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 12 Mar 2024

The RC 200’s 199cc engine makes a solid 25PS and 19.5Nm 

  • That also makes the RC 200 the most powerful bike in its segment 
  • In terms of design, the RC 200’s polarising headlight has been taken from the RC 390
  • The RC 200’s chassis and hardware setup is easily the best in its class

If you have been wanting to bring home a KTM RC 390 but found it too expensive, there is a chance that you would have definitely considered bringing home the KTM RC 200 instead. If you have been thinking about the same, here are five things that you should absolutely keep in mind. And these will help you understand if the RC 200 feels like a compromise or it actually feels like a substantial bike in itself. The RC 200 is pitted against the likes of Yamaha MT-15, Yamaha R15 V4 and others. 


The most prominent change lies in the striking new design philosophy. The updated RC boasts a considerably larger visage, showcasing KTM's signature flair with a distinctive and somewhat unconventional design.

Compared to its predecessor, the new RC adopts a more upright stance, featuring a larger front section and a taller, rounded windscreen. According to KTM, these alterations contribute to improved aerodynamics, and our first-hand experience confirms commendable wind protection. In person, the bike appears more cohesive than depicted in images. While the front end may lack the sharpness and aggression of its predecessor, it undeniably commands attention, exuding even greater presence. 


The engine remains the cornerstone of this bike, with the 199.5cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder retaining the same specifications as the current BS6 RC 200, with no alterations to the 25hp/19.2Nm power and torque figures. However, the new RC benefits from a 40 percent larger airbox, a modification KTM claims results in improved throttle response and a more robust torque curve.

One notable enhancement likely to have a tangible impact in real-world scenarios is the upgraded heat management system. The new RCs feature a larger curved radiator, expected to contribute to more efficient heat dissipation, thereby aiding in maintaining optimal operating temperatures. That said, despite the better spread of torque, the RC 200’s engine is still a fairly rev-happy one. So riders would have to rev it out to extract maximum performance and post about 6,000rpm is where the real fun lies. 


The RC series introduces a new frame featuring a bolt-on subframe. While the main frame remains largely unchanged, resulting in no alterations to the steering geometry or wheelbase, a notable upgrade for customers is the increased fuel capacity. The fuel tank now accommodates 13.7 litres, a significant enhancement over the previous RC's modest 9.5 litres.

Despite the additional weight from the increased fuel capacity, the RC 200 maintains its previous weight of 160kg. This feat is achieved through KTM's efforts to reduce unsprung weight by over three kilograms. Areas such as the rear chain sprocket, the new front brake disc, and the wheels have undergone weight-saving measures. Moreover, KTM assures us that the new wheels are not only lighter but also stronger than their predecessors.

In terms of suspension, the 43mm USD fork now boasts 10mm more travel, while the rear suspension remains unchanged. Adjustability options for the RC 200 suspension are limited to rear preload adjustment, although there's hope that future iterations, such as the India-spec RC 390, will offer additional adjustability features.


It is pleasing to find that KTM is offering all-LED lighting for the middle child of the RC series. The front turn indicators are integrated into the face of the motorcycle, giving it a flared look. The RC 200 also gets the same monochrome LCD console as the 250 Adventure. This is refreshing and well-laid-out compared to the orange backlit dash on the old model. That said, while the dash feels like a bit of a letdown on the 250 Adventure, it does not seem as out of place on the RC 200. 

We quite enjoyed looking down at the dash while riding around in the city and we are sure a lot of you will feel the same about it. 

Price and latest update 

The KTM RC 200 is priced at a solid Rs 2,17,696 (ex-showroom Delhi). While it is not exorbitantly expensive, it is certainly a significant amount for a bike that is ultimately a 200cc one. Another thing you absolutely should know is the fact that the 2024 KTM RC range was recently launched in India. The RC range, including the RC 125, RC 200, and RC 390, were launched in India with new colours that were unveiled globally some time ago.

The 2024 KTM RC 125 has been launched with two dual-tone paint options: blue and orange, and black and blue. The 2024 KTM RC 200 is now available in two new colour options – one in black with orange highlights and stickers, and the other in navy blue with orange accents and liveries. Meanwhile, the 2024 KTM RC 390 now comes in two new colours: signature orange with black accents and bright orange alloy wheels.