7 E-scooters For Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

7 E-scooters For Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 29 Aug 2023

These scooters will be the most convenient and frugal for your sister

  • At Rs 34,899, the Ampere V48 is the most affordable of the lot
  • The Okinawa Praise, meanwhile, stands out with its attractively retro design
  • At 73kg, the Hero Electric Optima E5 is extremely convenient for women riders as well

Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the bond between siblings, is also a time for exchanging gifts. In the current era of Coved, personal mobility has taken precedence, making electric two-wheelers an ideal choice for gifting. If you're considering gifting your sibling an electric scooter that offers convenience and low maintenance, here's a curated list of seven affordable e-scooters that could be just the right option.

1) Ampere V48

Starting at Rs 34,899, the Ampere V48 stands out as a lightweight and stylish scooter. Its 250W lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, achievable within 5-6 hours. This e-scooter is designed for city travel, boasting easy manoeuvrability and an appealing choice for new riders.

2) Hero Electric Flash

Priced at Rs 39,990 (ex-showroom), the Hero Electric Flash is a trendy scooter with a lithium-ion battery that charges in 4-5 hours, delivering a range of up to 65 km. With a kerb weight of just 69 kg, this scooter is a suitable option for hassle-free daily commutes.

3) Ampere Reo

Combining style and practicality, the Ampere Reo is a dual-coloured electric scooter that starts at Rs 40,699 (ex-showroom). Its range of 55-60 km, attainable after 5-6 hours of charging, makes it a cost-effective choice for urban travel.

What really stands out on the Reo is its design. While it’s not outlandish in any way, it in fact looks very similar to the Honda Dio. Hence if your sister isn’t very comfortable with electric scooters, this could be a good way to transition into the electric mobility space. All this is if scooters like the Ather 450X and the Ola S1 Pro are too funky and offbeat for them. 

4) Hero Electric Optima E5

If short and predictable commutes are your preference, the Hero Electric Optima E5 might be your go-to. With a starting price of Rs 66,551 (ex-showroom), this scooter offers a 55 km range after 4-5 hours of charging. Weighing 73 kg, it's best suited for moderately experienced riders.

5) Okinawa Praise

For those willing to stretch their budget, the Okinawa Praise, starting at Rs 69,790 (ex-showroom), presents an excellent option. With a charging time of 6-8 hours, this scooter boasts an impressive range of 131 km, perfect for carefree journeys. With a seat height of 774 mm, it caters to experienced riders.

The Okinawa Praise is another scooter that stands out a bit with its design. Along with being an affordable scooter, this one also looks good and a lot more traditional among the other bunch of electric scooters. With its small wheels, pointed beak and overall very familiar design, some might even say it looks similar to the TVS Scooty Pep Plus. So yes, all in all, first timers into the electric scooters will rather like it too. 

6) Pure EV Epluto

Prioritising aesthetics? The Pure EV Epluto might be your answer. With a starting price of Rs 71,999 (ex-showroom), this scooter offers an 80 km range after 4 hours of charging. Its attractive design and urban functionality make it an appealing choice.

Retro lovers will absolutely love the Epluto. With its round elements, small wheels and funky body design, this scooter looks straight out of the 80s. In fact, many will even say it looks similar to the likes of the Bajaj Chetak and the Vespa's of the yesteryear. Complementing the fantastic bodywork on the Epluto are the retro colour schemes, of which the red one really stands out, in our opinion. 

7) Hero Electric Dash

If you're looking for a distinctive two-wheeler that stands out, consider the Hero Electric Dash. Starting at Rs 50,000 (ex-showroom), this 111cc scooter offers a range of 60 km with a mere 4 hours of charging. It's an urban commuter that combines boldness with functionality.

The Hero Electric Dash stands out amongst all these bikes as being the most funky and good looking one. If your sister is something who loves flashy and attractive things, the Dash, with its funky headlight, mirrors and overall bright bodywork really stands out. Plus it’s also one scooter that goes the fastest of the lot. So if your scooter loves scooters fast, this one will stand out as well. 

Apart from these affordable electric scooters, if you're drawn to performance and sustainable mobility, consider exploring higher-end options like the Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak Electric, and TVS iQube.

In conclusion, as Raksha Bandhan approaches, an electric scooter can be an innovative and practical gift for your sister. With options catering to different budgets and preferences, the world of e-scooters is evolving to provide reliable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Embrace the joy of giving and choose the electric scooter that resonates with your sister's personality and commuting needs.