7 VERY Exciting Upcoming Scooters For 2024

7 VERY Exciting Upcoming Scooters For 2024

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Dec 23, 2023

The Kinetic e-Luna promises to bring back an iconic moniker in a modern avatar

  • In terms of design, the Yamaha E-01 REALLY stands out as a futuristic scooter
  • Bajaj could equip the updated Chetak with more range, something it really needed
  • The Suzuki Burgman Electric could be a lovely alternative to the sporty Burgman

Scooters are extremely crucial to the Indian two-wheeler scene, for nearly 30-40 percent of the two-wheelers sold in India are actually scooters. And most importantly, anyone in the family can ride them, even if they’re more of performance-oriented, sporty scooters. Given that they are gearless, be it the young kids or the older grandparents, anyone can actually hop onto a scooter and ride it. 

And to be up to date about those very scooters, here’s a comprehensive list of the top seven scooters that are all set to grace the Indian shores by 2024: 

1. Honda Activa Electric

Honda, with a robust 5-year plan for India, commits to unveiling 10 new electric 2-wheelers. The Activa Electric, a pioneer in sales, will lead the charge. Anticipated in two variants – one with a fixed battery and another with a swappable one. Honda joins hands with Hindustan Petroleum to establish nationwide battery-swapping stations at petrol pumps.

2. Suzuki Burgman Electric

Already cruising Japanese roads, the Suzuki e-Burgman undergoes Indian testing, hinting at an earlier launch. Sporting a 4kW motor, 18Nm peak torque, and a 45km range at 60 kmph, its swappable battery is shared with Honda, fostering collaboration between Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

3. Yamaha E-01

Initially eyeing the European market with the Neo’s, Yamaha adapts, focusing on India's EV evolution. Scrapping the Neo’s, Yamaha now crafts a premium, sporty electric scooter, promising excitement, style, and Yamaha's signature sportiness. All in all, the E-01 electric scooter really nails the authentic look of a big, muscular maxi scooter. 

4. Kinetic e-Luna

The iconic Luna returns, this time electrified. Leaked designs showcase practicality with LED lighting, an LCD cluster, and a spacious floorboard concealing the battery. The e-Luna offers versatility with a split-seat design, crash guards, and a range estimated at 60-70 kms, priced between Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000.

With the e-Luna, Kinetic will try to bring back the amount of nostalgia that the original Kinetic brought, some decades ago. A lot of us learnt how to ride on that very Honda Kinetic and we’re sure that an electric scooter making a comeback with that moniker would invoke the same kind of nostalgic feeling among many of you. If it has for you, you can head out to test ride the electric Luna the moment it’s launched. 

5. Bajaj Chetak

Expected upgrades for the Chetak include an increased range of 110 km with a potential 4kWh battery. Maintaining its premium feel, the Chetak boasts features like Bluetooth connectivity, geo-fencing, OTA updates, and a colour LCD console.

In terms of design though, the scooter is unlikely to go through any changes. The chetak, in our opinion, is already one of the best looking scooters on sale in India thanks to its retro, Vespa-like design which is an ode to the original 2-stroke Chetak. So it’s highly likely that the changes will be mechanical only and not in terms of design. That said, it’s high time Bajaj gives the Chetak more features and a console (maybe a TFT one) that doesn’t look dated by 2023 standards. 

6. Ather's New Variants

Ather Energy's CEO, Tarun Mehta, teases not one but two upcoming models focused on comfort and practicality. With an emphasis on a larger seat and under-seat storage, the new scooters will retain Ather's signature features, including the 7-inch touchscreen instrument cluster.

What the new Ather Apex will have is a new riding mode. It’ll likely be called something on the lines of Warp plus, acting as an ode to the Warp mode, which is Ather’s quickest riding mode, one that’s an absolute hoot to ride in. And with that, its motor will also be rated to produce a fair bit more power than before, maybe somewhere around the 7kW mark. So if you’re looking for a fun electric scooter that handles almost like a motorcycle, there’s nothing that gets better than the upcoming Ather 450 Apex.

7. Honda Activa 7G

Known for reliability, the Honda Activa 7G is projected to be priced around Rs 78,000 to Rs 85,000. With enhanced engine efficiency, improved riding comfort, and modern design, it continues to be a top choice for urban commuters seeking both convenience and style.

And with the 7G, expect the smoothness and reliability (that Activas are known for), to be taken to a different level. That said, it’s highly unlikely that Honda will give it any other kind of changes. The 110cc engine will likely be the same and so will the rather dated looking fully analogue instrument console. We wish Honda gave it basic features like turn by turn navigation and a USB charging port at least, but Honda refuses to listen to us enthusiasts, even one bit.