8 Adventure Tourers You Can Buy Under Rs 3 lakh

8 Adventure Tourers You Can Buy Under Rs 3 lakh

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | May 30, 2023

The Royal Enfield Himalayan without any guesses tops the list. 

  • The newest entrant in this list is the Yezdi Adventure.
  • Hero’s XPulse 200 4V promises to be the most adventure-oriented bike of the lot.
  • The CB200X is the most tarmac-biased one.

The Swiss Army knife of motorbikes, adventure bikes may combine the greatest aspects of both worlds. There is an ADV for every budget and every type of rider, whether you're searching for a bike for everyday usage, the occasional tour, or to venture off the beaten path and discover the unknown. 

However, spending a lot of money is no longer necessary to begin your two-wheeled trip. There are a number of adventure bikes in India that are well suited for accommodating any requirement, budget, and purpose. Here are some of the top inexpensive adventure bikes currently for sale in the country.

Note: All prices mentioned below are of ex-showroom, Delhi 

   1. Hero XPulse 200 4V: Rs 1,43,516 onwards

The Hero Xpulse 200 is unquestionably the least expensive adventure bike now available in India. The Xpulse 200 delivers excellent off-road capability despite its low price and may be the ideal vehicle to begin off-road riding with. 

The 158 kg kerb weight, over 200 mm ground clearance, and 21-inch wire spoke front wheel of the Xpulse 200 allow it to easily navigate practically any off-road barrier. It has a respectable capacity for travelling and is lightweight, affordable, simple to fix, and to maintain. 

   2. Royal Enfield Himalayan: Rs 2,14,501 onwards

In the entry-level adventure touring market, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has established a strong fan base. The Himalayan is a sturdy and stable package for any two-wheeled adventure thanks to a torquey motor, go anywhere attitude, and huge wire-spoke wheels. 

Yes, it could use improved features, lighter weight, and more performance. The Himalayan, however, still provides a very solid product at its pricing range as a straightforward, no-nonsense ADV.

   3. Honda CB200X: Rs 1,48,844

Despite being merely a commuting bike clothed in adventure gear, the Honda CB200X has a few tricks up its sleeve. The CB200X's appearance is one of its greatest strengths! Although it is primarily a commuter bike with ergonomics that are suitable for highway driving, it has a strong presence and presents itself as a good mid-size adventure bike. 

Despite having a 180 cc engine, it boasts good handling, a decent balance, and a strong road presence. The Honda CB200X undoubtedly presents a distinctive pitch as a multipurpose commuter and tourer.

  4. Royal Enfield Scram 411: Rs 2,08,593 onwards

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is based on the Himalayan but offers a more approachable, inexpensive, and compact variant thanks to a smaller 19-inch front wheel. The Scram 411 will be appealing to less experienced riders searching for a versatile adventure bike because it lacks the Himalayan's tallish profile and massive 21-inch front wheel. 

The RE Himalayan Scram 411 offers a beautiful adventure touring bike that can do a little bit of everything from commuting to touring thanks to its excellent all-around capability, universally appealing design, and colourful colour options.

  5. Suzuki V-Strom SX: Rs 2,11,600

Suzuki's adventure tourer with a quarter-litre engine, the Suzuki V-Strom SX, is built on the Gixxer 250 platform. It has a strong road presence and one of the greatest looks in the segment; it appears much larger than its 250 cc engine may suggest. The V-Strom SX provides a commanding position of the road and a comfortable perch to travel long distances thanks to its smooth engine, which only exhibits a few light vibrations at higher revs. 

Even though it lacks true off-road capability, it nevertheless makes a very fine, well-rounded package for the beginning explorer as a versatile commuter, tourer, and road-biased ADV.

  6. Benelli TRK 251: Rs 2,51,125

The entry-level adventure tourer from Benelli India is the TRK 251. It is more of a street bike wrapped in adventure gear, but it does give a respectable-looking package with true ADV styling. This means that while it is a comfortable bike to ride, it lacks adequate off-road performance and has a short suspension travel. It is primarily designed for use on paved surfaces. 

Even though it is marketed as a touring bike for tarmac, the TRK 251 is priced very costly. However, it's still a respectable bargain for a bundle with a decent appearance from an Italian-based company. 

  7. KTM 250 Adventure: Rs 2,46,651

A more inexpensive and accessible way to join the KTM Adventure family is the KTM 250 Adventure. It provides a welcoming package while still managing to be a fun and engaging entry-level adventure bike. The only drawback is the price, but for anyone searching inside the KTM family, the KTM 390 Duke with a larger, more powerful engine is a viable alternative. The larger KTM 390 Adventure also qualifies as one of the top adventure bikes under Rs. 5 lakh for anyone looking at the ADV market.

  8. Yezdi Adventure: Rs 2,15,900

A somewhat more recent entry-level adventure bike that appears to be made specifically to compete with the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the Yezdi Adventure. Although the Yezdi Adventure has outstanding off-road capability, it still weighs 190 kg, making it heavier than the Himalayan. 

It also needed more power at low revs to handle tricky terrain. For off-road work, touring, and even daily riding, it does the job well overall and might be a viable substitute for the Himalayan.