A Look At The Most Feature-loaded Bikes In India

A Look At The Most Feature-loaded Bikes In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Mar 27, 2023

We've compiled a list of the top five bikes under 500cc that are packed to the gills with features.

  • The list has bikes from both Indian and foreign manufacturers. 
  • The KTM 390 Duke tops the list, boasting of features that were futuristic back when it was even launched. 
  • From frugal commuters to entry-level supersports, this list has it all. 

It used to be that features like a quick shifter, traction control, and riding modes were only available on high-end motorcycles that were out of reach for most people. These features can now be found in sub-500cc bikes in India. 

Here are the five most feature-packed offerings that won't break the bank for riders who prefer to have brag-worthy features in their two-wheelers. 

TVS Radeon

The Radeon, TVS' most recent entry into the commuter segment, is aimed at buyers in tier II and tier III cities. While the overall design appears to be simple, it includes an impressive list of features that are sure to sway your opinion. The TVS Radeon features a halogen headlight with LED DRLs, a twin-pod instrument console with an 'Eco and Power indicator,' a beeping side-stand indicator, and a handy USB port right beside the instrument console.

The bike also has a gold painted engine casing, knee pads on the fuel tank, and the company claims the largest premium textured seat in its segment. Synchronized Braking Technology and 18-inch alloy wheels are also standard. While the Radeon's forks are conventional telescopic, the rear suspension is a twin hydraulic shock absorber setup with 5-step adjustability.

TVS Apache RR 310

The TVS Apache RR 310 comes standard with a full-color TFT screen that displays information such as post-ride analytics, gear shift assist indicator, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle health information, vehicle status, and an overview. 

The instrument cluster in the most recent iteration displays the engine temperature along with RPM parameters under the Dynamic engine rev limit indicator, day tripmeter, and overspeed indicator. The console can now store and display documents related to bikes. 

Other notable features include the ability to accept and reject calls via the control buttons on the switchgear's left side. Glide Through Technology Plus (GTTP) and a hazard switch are also standard on the Apache RR 310.

TVS offers two kits (Dynamic and Race) for a more personalised riding experience. For dependability, the Dynamic Kit includes adjustable suspension and an anti-rust brass-coated drive chain. The updated bike costs Rs 12,000 when ordered through the online configurator.

The Race Kit, on the other hand, includes lowered, slightly tucked-in clip-on handlebars and 30mm taller knurled footpegs with 4.5 degrees of extra lean angle. If you order the updated bike through the online configurator, it will cost you Rs 5,000.

Yamaha R15 V4

The R15's fourth-generation model is jam-packed with features. It gets a new front end with a bi-functional LED headlamp flanked by LED DRLs, LED indicators, and a new digital instrument console inspired by the YZF-R1 with Yamaha's connectivity app. 

The display includes two modes (Street and Track), a lap timer, gear position indicator, call/message alerts, mobile battery status, connection status, average fuel efficiency, and the last parked location. You can also view data such as instantaneous fuel economy, intake air temperature, the eco indicator, the degree of throttle opening, and the rate of acceleration.

The R15M goes a step further by including a colour TFT console, traction control, and a quickshifter as standard features. You could even add a quickshifter as an option, making commuting an absolute breeze.

Admittedly, the unit feels a tad bit clunky at lower revs but the moment you pick up pace, the quickshifter works brilliantly well and the upshifts are extremely smooth. In fact, they’re so smooth that you quickly start wishing for an auto-blipper to make your downshifts even better.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is the most feature-rich motorbike in its class. Fuel injection, LED headlights with DRL, Glide Through Traffic technology, smartphone connectivity, and three riding modes (Urban, Rain, and Sport) are included. 

The right switchgear has a dedicated button for switching between modes. The riding modes affect acceleration, top speed, and ABS intrusion. The gearshift prompts differ depending on the mode as well. In 'Sport,' for example, the upshift and downshift prompts appear at 8500rpm and over 6000rpm, respectively. The brake and clutch levers are also adjustable in three steps.

SmartXonnect allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the motorcycle's console, giving you access to call and SMS alerts, turn-by-turn navigation, and other vehicle diagnostics messages. Following the ride, you can review the analytics of your previous rides, lean angles, and G-forces experienced.

KTM 390 Duke

The 390 Duke features all-LED lighting and a colour TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and music control. However, the bike does not even provide turn-by-turn navigation. The ABS can be turned off at the rear via a Supermoto mode, and a bidirectional quickshifter comes standard.

Which is the most feature-packed bike in India?

In the sub-500cc segment, the 390 Duke is hence easily the most feature-packed bike. That said, its aggressive power delivery and sharp styling might be polarizing for some. 

So if you’re looking for something a lot more simple and easy going without sacrificing on features, the TVS Apache RR 310 makes an excellent case for itself. Despite being slightly less powerful, the RR 310 makes up for it with its excellent styling, linear power delivery and an endless list of features.