Accessorize and Upgrade: 12 Must-Have Add-Ons for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Accessorize and Upgrade: 12 Must-Have Add-Ons for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 23 Jan 2024

Make your Meteor 350 truly your own with these 12 vital accessories. Protect, carry more, mount gadgets, get comfy, and customize aesthetics with the best bolt-on parts.

  • Add essential protection with engine guards and crash bars.
  • Carry more gear securely with saddle bags and tail bags.
  • Mount your smartphone for maps and music.
  • Customize style with flyscreens, sliders, and more.

The Meteor 350 has achieved immense popularity as an affordable, capable, and stylish cruiser. While its classic looks and thumping ride make a statement right from the showroom floor, adding accessories allows you to customize your Meteor to your heart's content.

Let's explore 12 of the best accessories to upgrade style, carry luggage, protect vulnerable components, mount gadgets, and ultimately tailor your Meteor 350 cruiser to your exact needs and tastes. Get ready to accessorize!

1. Engine Guard

A tubular engine guard or crash bar is a must-have accessory to shield the engine and lower body from damage in the event of a fall or tip-over. High-quality steel guards maintain accessibility for maintenance while providing peace of mind protection on rough roads.

2. Saddle Stays

These removable rigid rods clamp to the side of the seat to provide a rock-solid backrest for the rider. Saddle stays greatly enhance comfort on longer hauls and come in various designs to complement your style.

3. Smartphone Mount

Mount your smartphone securely on the handlebars using a holder like Roxon for easy access to maps, music apps, and more on the move. Charging ports are also available to keep your device powered up.

4. Tank Pad

Self-adhesive tank pads serve multiple functions - protecting the paint from abrasions and adding style with carbon fiber or graphic patterns. Tank pads also provide extra grip for your knees while cornering hard.

5. Fly Screen

Small fly screens mounted on the front fascia not only lend your Meteor 350 a sportier look but also provide greater wind and debris protection for the rider. Pick clear or smoked screens with metallic or graphic accents.

6. Radiator Guard

The thick aluminum rad guard protects the vulnerable radiator fins and cooling system from damage by road debris impact. Leave them unblocked for vital airflow and cooling.

7. Crash Sliders

These mount on the sides and contain sliding spools to prevent damage to fairings and engine covers by cushioning spill impacts. Ideal for new and nervous riders.

8. Seat Cover

Replace your stock seat cover with funky options featuring graphics, patterns, and materials like leather or suede. An easy aesthetic upgrade to make your Meteor truly stand out.

9. Exhaust Muffler

The Meteor 350's sedate exhaust note leaves some yearning for more thump and power. Aftermarket slip-on mufflers from quality brands provide just that - without major engine work.

10. Saddle Bags

Hard saddlebags mounted on pillions offer significant carrying capacity for longer trips - ideal for photo gear, camping equipment, and more. Locking lids keep your gear secure.

11. Tail Bag

A tail bag straps conveniently to the rear seat for easy access to documents, tools, sanitizer, and other daily essentials. Keep your stuff at your fingertips on every ride.

12. Auxiliary Lamps

Mounting extra spots or flood lamps on the crash guard improves illumination and visibility at night and during bad weather. Harness the added brightness they provide.

Give your Meteor 350 a whole new identity and improved capabilities with the right accessories. With this must-have list of 12 add-ons, you can customize style, capabilities, and protection to tailor the cruiser you always wanted. Safe travels!