Advantages of owning a two-wheeler over a four-wheeler in India

Advantages of owning a two-wheeler over a four-wheeler in India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 13 Apr 2023

India is a cost-sensitive country, so it only makes sense for people to prefer something that’s cheaper to own and maintain. 

  • Bikes are easier and cheaper to buy than cars.
  • Heck, even most of the performance-oriented superbikes can be bought for the same amount as entry-level cars. 
  • The Hero HF 100 is India’s most affordable bike as of now, retailing for Rs 56,968 (ex-showroom Delhi). 

Passenger vehicles account for the majority of vehicle sales in a developing country such as India. It covers a large portion of the area where commoners choose to use two-wheelers, new or old, for daily commuting. Only from this can we conclude that the most popular vehicle segment in India is two-wheelers.

Riding a motorcycle provides the peace and quiet of riding alone, and there are numerous advantages to owning a motorcycle. If you're still not convinced that riding a motorbike or even a used bike is preferable to driving a car, here are the top ten reasons why you should!

        1.  A Lot More Affordable

The reason for owning a two-wheeler in the city is that it does not require a lot of money. Prices start from as low as 56,968 (ex-showroom Delhi), with further savings available if you purchase a used vehicle. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining the two-wheeler is low. A two-wheeler is affordable enough for even low-income households to purchase. Two-wheelers have also become a viable option for middle-class families.

Motorcycles are even cheaper to refuel and maintain! Even the fastest of superbikes manage to return a fuel efficiency of more than about 10-15kmpl, something that’s on the higher side when compared to cars. Even something like insuring them is a lot cheaper. Because a two-wheeler is more economical to repair and maintain, its insurance premium us also a whole lot cheaper than its four-wheeled counterpart. 

          2.  Purchasing Them Is Easier

If you want to own a two-wheeler in the city, you can achieve your goal in a relatively easier manner, thanks to the various financing options available to you. Banks and non-banking financial institutions provide two-wheeler loans at low interest rates, allowing you to purchase a two-wheeler that meets your needs. These financing options allow you to own a two-wheeler without breaking the bank. 

          3.  Convenience

It can very well happen that your destination isn’t very accessible to all kinds of four-wheelers and you may find it difficult to get there. Even ride-hailing services are not always available when you need them. In such cases, having a two-wheeler comes in handy. 

         4.  Easier To Navigate

If traffic congestion is a frequent challenge on your commute, a two-wheeler can help you overcome it. Because of their sleek design, two-wheelers are extremely easy to manoeuvre through heavy traffic. They’re simple to manoeuvre and lightweight.

         5.  Easier To Park

Finding a parking spot for your two-wheeler is much easier than finding a parking spot for your car. The two-sleek wheeler's design necessitates less parking space; space is always at a premium in metropolitan cities where car parking is difficult to come by.

         6.  They’re Fast!

Speed and two-wheelers complement each other. Two-wheelers allow you to travel quickly because they can easily navigate traffic, even during rush hour. When riding a two-wheeler, you can also take narrow shortcuts. As a result, your commute will be shorter, and you will arrive at your destination sooner.

         7.  Better Resale Value

Your motorcycle's resale value varies depending on the manufacturer, model, and even style. Selling a motorbike is simpler than selling a car. Bikes and scooters are significantly more valuable than cars. It is most likely because there are vehicles that travel fewer miles.

        8.  Customization Made Easy

If you aren't satisfied with the standard motorcycle designs and want something unique, then customising is for you. Motorcycle customization is limitless, whereas car customization does not look as good. With these exciting customization options, you can customise your bike indefinitely and are sure to turn heads at the next bikers rally.

        9.  Toll Tax Savings! 

Yeah!! What could be more impressive than saving money while passing through tolls? You can enter from a separate lane designated for two-wheelers. It is not subject to any tolls. For 700 miles of highway driving, a car user spends approximately Rs 2500 or more. You are not required to pay toll taxes as a motorbike rider.

        10.  Motorcycle Communities Are Engaging! 

Riding with friends or joining riders' community groups, the opportunities to connect with strangers on a motorbike are limitless. Humans, as social beings, have a deep desire to stay connected, which dates back thousands of years to humans who were more successfully hunted in packs than alone.

Nothing has changed significantly. The thrill of meeting experienced riders is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You learn about a variety of bikes and how they work. Cars do have a community, but connecting with the biker community is much easier than connecting with the car community. Good mental health is fueled by such connections.


Motorcycles are hence, a LOT more convenient, cheaper, and fun and a lot more things than four- and even three-wheelers. It’s no surprise then, that two-wheelers rake up more than 10 million in sales each day in India.