Ather Energy Ups its Service Game with New ExpressCare Facilities

Ather Energy Ups its Service Game with New ExpressCare Facilities

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 20 Jan 2024

  • ExpressCare offers 60-minute servicing at select Ather service centers
  • Two technicians dedicated per vehicle for faster service
  • Customers can book ExpressCare slots in advance via app/website

Ather Energy has launched a new ExpressCare service facility that promises scooter servicing within 60 minutes. This initiative aims to provide faster and more convenient maintenance support for Ather's electric scooter owners.

ExpressCare is currently available at 20 Ather service centres in 11 cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Kozhikode, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Thrissur. The brand plans to expand it to 50 centers across India by March 2024.

Ramping Up Service Infrastructure

In addition to ExpressCare, Ather is also rapidly scaling up its service network in India. From around 106 centers currently, Ather aims to set up 50 more service outlets in the next couple of months. This will take their total workshop count to 156 across the country.

The massive expansion is in line with Ather’s plans to boost its geographic presence. The company wants to establish a robust service support system before entering new markets like Nasik, Jaipur, Lucknow, etc. Easy accessibility to service centers is crucial for EV owners.

Leading the Service Experience Transformation

Ather Energy has always focused on providing exceptional after-sales support and ownership experience. Features like pick-up and drop for vehicles, proactive service reminders, transparent pricing, etc. have helped build trust among customers.

The introduction of ExpressCare takes its service commitment to the next level. The guaranteed 1-hour turnaround time raises the bar for EV service standards in India. It brings quick service on par with ICE vehicles, which is an important factor for widespread EV adoption.

Ather’s tech-driven approach enables such innovations. The cloud connectivity, remote diagnostics and digital systems make it easier to speed up operations. Ather’s investment in service training and infrastructure also plays a key role.

The company is leading the transformation of EV ownership experience in India. Its initiatives can encourage other players to improve their after-sales services as well. Superior service support will boost consumer confidence in EVs.

What Does ExpressCare Include?

Maintenance Tasks:

The ExpressCare 60-minute service includes all the standard periodic maintenance tasks. The technicians will inspect critical components, check battery, replace consumables like brake pads/disc if required, wash & vacuum the vehicle etc.

Minor Repairs in 60-min:

If the scooter has an issue like a punctured tyre, minor braking fault, rattling sound etc., that can also be addressed within an hour. Basically, any minor repair or tune-up job that doesn’t require body panel removal or major part replacement.

Major Repairs in 3-4 hours:

Big repair tasks like motor replacement will follow the regular 3-4 hour service timeline. ExpressCare is meant for quick maintenance or minor fixes only. Also, if some issue requires procuring a spare part, the overall service time may exceed one hour.

Updates and Notifications:

Customers get updates on job progress through the service platform. A detailed report of work done is provided once the service is complete.

Ather’s Rising Focus on Service Experience

Ather Energy is going all out to offer differentiated after-sales experience to boost brand loyalty. Being a relatively young EV company, after-sales service is critical for Ather to gain consumer confidence.

They have taken multiple initiatives in this direction. Rapid expansion of service centers, doorstep test rides, experience centers in malls, pick & drop, proactive alerts for service due, transparent pricing etc. ExpressCare is the latest in a slew of service experience-focused measures.

The company has emphasized that service quality will not be compromised even at the quicker ExpressCare centers. Well-trained technicians with digital tools ensure precision and efficiency.

Superior after-sales support has helped Ather address consumer concerns around owning an EV. Service experience is a key factor for the brand's surging sales in India. Initiatives like ExpressCare will further drive positive word-of-mouth and brand loyalty.