Ather Rizta: 5 Things For You To Know

Ather Rizta: 5 Things For You To Know

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 9 Apr 2024

In terms of design, the Rizta definitely looks better than the competition 

  • That said, the LED headlight and cowl look a bit similar to the TVS iQube S
  • As of now, the Rizta is on sale in three variants
  • In terms of features, the Rizta gets a big TFT console 

In India, a burgeoning trend is emerging with the rise of family-friendly, budget-friendly electric scooters. These eco-conscious alternatives not only offer affordability but also deliver substantial savings on fuel expenses. Leading the charge are popular models like the TVS iQube S, the Bajaj Chetak, and the Ola S1 Air, all capturing significant market attention. Adding to this competitive landscape is Ather's latest contender, the Ather Rizta, poised to shake up the scene. If you're eyeing a scooter in this category, here's a rundown of five key features to consider about the Ather Rizta:

Ather Rizta Design

When it comes to design philosophy, the Ather Rizta opts for a more understated aesthetic, deviating from the sporty and edgy appearance of its 450-series counterparts. Embracing a conservative stance, the Rizta presents a front apron housing a horizontally oriented headlight cluster adorned with integrated DRLs and turn indicators. The integration of the side and tail panels into a cohesive unit reflects Ather's commitment to marrying form with function seamlessly.

A notable feature of the Rizta's design is its tail-light, mirroring the bar-style shape of the headlight and harmoniously blending into the overall bodywork. This cohesive design approach is aimed at catering to a broad demographic, appealing to individuals spanning various age groups. In essence, the Ather Rizta's design strikes a balance between sophistication and practicality, ensuring it resonates with a diverse audience.

Ather Rizta Features

In the realm of advanced tech and convenience, the Ather Rizta lineup offers two distinct variants packed with cutting-edge features. The Ather Rizta S boasts a sleek 7-inch LCD instrument console equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with smartphones, alongside turn-by-turn navigation for hassle-free journeys. On the other hand, the Ather Rizta Z elevates the experience with a 7-inch TFT instrument console, providing enhanced clarity and functionality. Notably, it incorporates Google Maps navigation, distinguishing itself from the Ather 450X with its unique layout.

Both variants introduce a suite of innovative functionalities tailored for modern riders. From AutoHold to Reverse Mode and MagicTwist for regenerative braking, the Ather Rizta ensures a dynamic and intuitive riding experience. Notably, it pioneers several industry-first features, including integrated WhatsApp for effortless communication on the go and the ability to manage calls with preset messages directly from the instrument console. Furthermore, integrated Alexa capabilities add a touch of futuristic convenience, allowing riders to access a range of services hands-free.

Ather Rizta Powertrain And Range 

The Ather Rizta lineup offers versatile battery options to suit varying commuting needs. The Rizta S and one variant of the Rizta Z are equipped with a 2.9kWh capacity battery pack, boasting a claimed IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) range of 123km. Charging convenience is ensured with a 350W portable charger, delivering a swift recharge from 0-80% in 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Specifications  Ather Rizta 
Top Speed80kmph
Range123-160km (IDC range)

On the other hand, the alternate variant of the Rizta Z features a larger 3.7kWh capacity battery pack, providing an extended IDC range of 160km. This variant is complemented by the robust 700W Ather Duo charger, significantly reducing charging time to 4 hours and 30 minutes for a 0-80% charge cycle.

Ather Rizta Suspension

In terms of ride comfort and handling, the Ather Rizta doesn't disappoint. Its suspension system 

comprises a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear, ensuring a balanced and smooth ride over varying road surfaces.

SpecificationsAther Rizta
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre12-inch wheels
Rear Tyre12-inch wheels
Front brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDrum brake

Braking performance is reliable, thanks to the combination of a 200mm front disc and a 130mm rear drum, enhanced by the CBS (Combined Braking System) for optimal stopping power.

Ather Rizta Price 

Ather's latest offering, the Ather Rizta, presents consumers with two enticing variants: the Rizta S and the Rizta Z. The entry-level Rizta S variant comes at a price of Rs 1,09,999, offering a compelling blend of affordability and performance.

Ather RiztaRs 1,09,000 onwards 

Meanwhile, the Rizta Z variant offers additional flexibility with two battery pack options: 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh. Priced at Rs 1,24,999 and Rs 1,44,999 respectively (all introductory prices and ex-showroom Bengaluru), the Rizta Z caters to diverse consumer preferences and usage requirements.

Notably, these prices include benefits under the Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme 2024 (EMPS), further enhancing the value proposition for prospective buyers in Bengaluru and beyond.