Ather Rizta To Debut On April 6, Check How To Book The Family Electric Scooter

Ather Rizta To Debut On April 6, Check How To Book The Family Electric Scooter

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 5 Apr 2024

Ather Rizta can be booked online with a nominal pre-booking amount of Rs 999i

  • Positioned to rethink family-friendly urban mobility
  • Features a futuristic design with a spacious multi-load body
  • Pre-orders are currently being accepted, allowing interested parties to reserve their scooter.

Ather Energy is all set to take off the covers from its new and ambitious electric scooter, Ather Rizta on April 6, 2024. Targeted towards urban families in the country it receives several unique features. The excitement is building to a fever pitch as the debut draws closer, with enthusiasts and industry insiders alike keen to see this possibly ground-breaking electric vehicle.

Motor 6 kW PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Battery3.7 kWh Lithium-Ion
Range125 km* (City), 90 km (Highway)
Acceleration (0-40 kmph)           3.9 seconds
Charging Time3.9 hours (0-80%)
Brakes (Front/Rear) 220 mm Disc / 190 mm 
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic Fork / Monoshock
Ground Clearance165 mm

Why the Rizta is a Family-Friendly Scooter?

To make sure that the Rizta satisfies the particular requirements of Indian households, Ather Energy has carried out a great deal of study and testing. The scooter's roomy layout, which includes a sizable storage area behind the seat big enough to fit two full-face helmets, is one of its best qualities. Families may travel with ease knowing that their possessions are stored in this handy place. 

Ather Energy has always placed a high focus on safety, and the Rizta contains a number of cutting-edge safety measures. The two disc brakes on the scooter offer superior stopping capability under all circumstances. It also boasts a sturdy chassis and frame, which guarantees riders a safe and secure journey.

In addition, Ather has placed a high priority on the Rizta's comfort, understanding that families frequently go beyond. Even on bumpy roads, the scooter's spacious, well-cushioned seat and adjustable suspension provide for a pleasant and smooth ride. The Rizta is family-friendly as it can hold riders and passengers of different weights and heights.

Cutting-Edge Performance and Technology

Family-friendliness is a top priority, but the Rizta doesn't skimp on functionality or technology. Driven by a large capacity lithium-ion battery pack, the scooter could provide an amazing 120 kilometres of range on a single charge. Families can go farther with confidence and lack of range concern thanks to this range and Ather's growing network of fast-charging stations. 

The Rizta boasts a strong electric motor that provides adequate torque and smooth acceleration, making riding fun and responsive. To ensure that the scooter is always up to date with the newest features and advancements, Ather has also integrated sophisticated connectivity capabilities, such as a huge touchscreen display, smartphone integration, and over-the-air software upgrades. 

How to Pre-Book the Ather Rizta

The following are the detailed steps for reserving an Ather Rizta electric scooter in advance: 

Step 1: Go to (, the website for Ather Energy. 
There's a whole part of the webpage devoted to the Rizta scooter. Select "Pre-Book Now" by clicking on it. 

Step 2: Choose your city 
You will be prompted by Ather to choose the city in which you want the Riz ta delivered. Select the city from the supplied list. 

Step 3: Provide your personal information 
You will next be required to provide your personal details, which include your phone number, email address, and complete name. Make sure the information you submit is correct since Ather will use it to get in touch with you about your reservation.

Step 4: Select the Ather experience centre of your choice. 
Ather has established experience centers in a number of India's largest cities. Choose the experience centre where you want to pick up your Rizta or the one that is nearest to your current location. 

Step 5: Pay for the reservation in advance
You'll need to pay a refundable token sum of ₹2,000 to guarantee your pre-booking. Credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe are just a few of the payment methods that Ather provides. Proceed with the purchase after selecting your chosen payment method. 

Step 6: Get validation 
After your payment is successfully processed, Ather Energy will send you a confirmation email. Your pre-booking reference number is included in this email, so please keep it accessible for any further correspondence.

Step 7: Keep an eye out for updates 
You will need to wait patiently after placing your pre-order for updates from Ather Energy on the launch date, cost, estimated delivery time, and any other pertinent details. Using the contact data you provide during the pre-booking procedure, Ather will send you an email or SMS with these details. 

Step 8: Finish the purchasing procedure
Based on the sequence of their pre-bookings, Ather Energy will get in touch with pre-booked consumers when the Riz ta is formally announced and deliveries are planned. You now have to finish the remaining steps of the buying process, which include deciding on the preferred option, completing the payment, and arranging for the delivery.

It is noteworthy that in the event that you choose not to proceed with the purchase after the official launch, the ₹2,000 pre-booking payment is 100% refundable. Early adopters may guarantee their spot in the delivery line using Ather Energy's pre-booking system, which also allows for flexibility in the event that circumstances or preferences change.

Rigorous Testing for Family-Friendliness

To guarantee that the Rizta is suitable for families, Ather Energy has put it through a thorough testing process. Families of all shapes and sizes have participated in the scooter's thorough real-world testing and review procedure. The final design of the Rizta has taken into account feedback from these testing, guaranteeing that it fulfills the various demands of Indian families. 
The scooter's stability and handling when carrying several passengers was one of the main areas of attention throughout testing. To provide a steady and secure ride even when carrying a full load of people and freight, Ather's experts adjusted the suspension and chassis.

Another essential component of the review process was safety testing. To guarantee the highest level of safety for drivers and passengers, the Riz ta underwent extensive crash testing that replicated a range of real-world scenarios. The scooter's braking mechanism was also put through a thorough testing process in a variety of scenarios to guarantee dependable and steady stopping power.