Ather Rizta - Which Variant To Go For?

Ather Rizta - Which Variant To Go For?

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 9 Apr 2024

The ranges between the variants vary from 123km/charge to 160km/charge 

  • The charging times also go down by around 2 hours as you go up the variants’ list
  • That said, the top speed is the same for all variants: 80kmph
  • The Ather’s 34-litre boot space stands out as the absolute best in the class

Ather's latest unveiling, the Ather Rizta, has emerged from the shadows with an enticing introductory price tag of Rs. 1.10 lakhs. With a diverse lineup comprising two variants and three models, consumers are presented with a range of choices to suit their preferences and requirements. Setting the stage for exploration is the top-tier variant boasting a maximum claimed range of 160 km, promising extended journeys with ease. However, before delving into the specifics, let's embark on a comprehensive analysis of the available variants.

Ather Rizta Variants: S and Z

The Ather Rizta lineup introduces two distinct variants: the S and Z models, each catering to different consumer preferences. The entry-level S variant is equipped with a single battery pack option of 2.9 kWh, providing a balanced blend of performance and efficiency. Stepping up the ladder, the Z variant offers enhanced flexibility with two battery options, featuring capacities of 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh respectively. This strategic variation in battery options ensures that consumers can tailor their choice according to their specific usage requirements, whether it's for urban commuting or longer journeys.

S Variant (2.9 kWh)

The S variant of the Ather Rizta packs a plethora of features aimed at enhancing the riding experience. Highlights include a 17.7 cm (7") DeepView™ Display with RTOS OS, underseat storage for added convenience, turn-by-turn navigation for seamless navigation, and a host of safety features such as auto hold and traction control. Additionally, the variant comes with a 350W Ather portable charger for hassle-free charging on the go. For further customization, a range of accessories is available, including TPMS, Halo™, and a variety of protective covers and organizers.

Z Variant- 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh (In Addition To S Variant)

The Z variant elevates the experience with advanced features and additional battery options, catering to diverse user needs. Notable enhancements include an Android Open Source OS (AOSP) 17.7 cm (7") TFT display, integrated dashboard functionalities such as live location sharing and WhatsApp preview, and the TWIST function for added convenience. The availability of two battery options ensures extended range capabilities, allowing riders to explore more on a single charge. Moreover, the 3.7 kWh variant comes with the Ather Duo 700W charger for faster charging times, enhancing practicality and convenience.

Ather Rizta Variants: What Stays The Same

While the variants differ in features and battery options, they maintain uniformity in dimensions and essential attributes. All models are powered by the same electric motor, delivering 4.3 kW of power and a peak torque of 22 Nm, ensuring consistent performance across the lineup. Additionally, they share identical top speeds and acceleration capabilities, making them equally suitable for urban commuting and city exploration. Furthermore, the battery warranty remains consistent across all variants, offering a 5-year/60,000 km warranty for added peace of mind.


The Ather Rizta family scooter presents a compelling proposition for discerning consumers seeking a practical and efficient urban mobility solution. While building on the foundation of its predecessor, the 450X, the Rizta introduces a range of new features and enhancements tailored to meet the demands of daily life users. With its intuitive design, innovative features, and ample onboard space, the Rizta is poised to make a significant impact in the electric scooter segment. Expect to see its popularity soar as it becomes available in more dealerships, catering to the evolving needs of modern riders.

What these variants have done is help people with different needs. So if your commutes are relatively short, you could actually save up a fair bit of money and go for the base variant, or even the mid-spec one of the Ather Rizta. But if you are someone who has longer everyday commutes and are willing to spend that much extra amount of money, you should really go for the Ather Rizta’s top variant with the extra range and other better kit. 

Plus, given that one does spend around Rs 15,000 every year (on average) to maintain his/her scooter, the Ather Rizta will demand none of that, given it is an electric scooter. So yes, while you are spending a bit more upfront, you would subsequently save up a fair bit of money in terms of fuel