Best Cruiser Bikes In India Under Rs 2 Lakh

Best Cruiser Bikes In India Under Rs 2 Lakh

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 May 2023

Royal Enfield, Bajaj and even TVS! There are multiple brands for you to choose from

  • The Bajaj Avenger 220 was the country’s first affordable cruiser. 
  • Royal Enfield has a couple of bikes in this segment too.
  • The latest entrant in the segment has been the TVS Ronin, a bit of an oddball. 

Cruisers are the greatest alternative for people searching for a motorcycle with a relaxed riding position and is built for pleasant, long distance riding. Cruiser motorcycles are popular due to their smooth ride and fashionable design.

There were few cruiser motorcycles available some years ago, and they were pricey. So here are the affordable options. As cruisers gain popularity in India, here are a few budget cruisers available for less than Rs 2 lakh.

1) Royal Enfield Meteor 350 - Rs 2,01,253 Onwards (Ex-showroom Delhi)

In terms of design, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is very close to its predecessor (Thunderbird 350X). This cruiser bike has an easy-to-reach handlebar and forward-set footpegs, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable riding posture. The spherical headlight assembly has a halogen bulb but LED DRLs for a more modern look. The LED tail lamp and turn indicators are also round. 

The bike has a flowing form, with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank that blends in with the low-slung split-seats. The spherical handlebar mirrors, which (together with the exhaust pipe) are chrome-plated on higher-end models, complete the classic look.

Overall, Royal Enfield has taken a conservative approach to design, opting for a look that is neither historically austere nor overly cluttered. The LED DRL ring around the headlight and the teardrop-shaped fuel tank, the top of which swoops very steeply down to the rider's seat, give the bike a distinct Harley-Davidson vibe. One feature that works in the Meteor's favour is its big size, which is accentuated even more by the Nova's large front screen.

2) Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 - Rs 1,38,368 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Avenger Cruise 220 is the most authentic looking cruiser on this list. It has a tall handlebar and a wide, low-slung saddle, allowing for a pretty relaxed riding posture and making it a comfy mile muncher. The bike has a stylish look with significant chrome highlights over its bodywork. It has a big windscreen and even a padded pillion-backrest to ensure the comfort of both the rider and the pillion.

However, its form factor and build have remained largely unchanged since its inception. It has a peanut-shaped fuel tank, curving wheel arches, and side panels. It has a tall handlebar that allows for a more pleasant cruising experience. The bike gets a black finish all over its body to give it a modern look. The bike has a single-piece seat as well as a pillion grab bar. Although this cruiser bike has some appeal, Bajaj's Avenger line-up still needs a major design overhaul.

3) Yezdi Roadster - Rs 2,01,142 Onwards (Ex-showroom Delhi)

The Yezdi Roadster resembles the Harley-Davidson Roadster rather than a completely traditional cruiser. The Roadster Dark range's wide handlebar with bar-end mirrors, fly-screen and blacked out motif show sportiness, whereas the Chrome range's tall windscreen, metal finish on the powerplant and exhaust and lighter colour schemes exude laid backness.

While it has the appearance of a cruiser, the riding position is that of a roadster, with a wide handle bar and center-set footpegs. This not only provides the rider with more leverage when cornering quickly, but also results in a more comfortable riding stance. While we didn't cover many miles because it was our first ride, there was no fatigue even after a few hours of riding it.

4) TVS Ronin - Rs 1,49,000 Onwards (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Unlike the Zeppelin, the Ronin is more than just a cruiser. However, some of its components are. The forks are stretched out like on a cruiser. The muscular tank and slightly forward-set foot pegs might make you think of a roadster, but the high mudguard and large tyres at the back give it the appearance of a scrambler. The Ronin, on the other hand, gives off a cruiser vibe with its long stance and chain cover that mimics a belt drive.

The cruise experience, on the other hand, is rather nice because the engine is smooth but not too smooth, with just the proper type of pulse to connect with the motorcycle. The exhaust noise is powerful and proud, but perhaps a little too loud. 

5) Komaki Ranger- Rs 1,85,505 (Ex-showroom Delhi) 

The Komaki ranger is the finest alternative for people looking for an electric cruiser. The Komaki ranger is propelled by a 4kWh battery pack and an electric motor capable of producing 5.3bhp. It costs 1.85 lakh (ex-showroom).

It claims a range of 180-200 kilometres per charge and has Bluetooth connectivity. To give it a real traditional cruiser look, the brand has even installed a phoney exhaust pipe. It is well-known for its smooth ride and is frequently used for leisurely trips or long-distance tours.