Bring Home A Stytlish Hero Bike or Scooter In Exchange Of Your Old Two-wheeler

Bring Home A Stytlish Hero Bike or Scooter In Exchange Of Your Old Two-wheeler

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 30 Oct 2023

The Wheels of Trust program sounds quite nice for those looking for a brand new two-wheeler

  • The Wheels of Trust program offers on a phygital level
  • What that does is it neatly mixes physical presence with digital benefits
  • As many as 900 channel partners will help this program run smoothly

Hero MotoCorp has introduced its new "Wheels of Trust" platform for reselling two-wheelers. It's a blend of the physical and digital worlds, making it convenient for customers. This platform offers an all-in-one solution for trading in any brand's two-wheeler for a new Hero motorcycle or scooter, claiming to provide the best resale value. Here’s how you can do that:

Exchange Benefits

When you visit the Wheels of Trust website, you can enjoy exchange benefits of up to Rs. 4,000, and it only takes 30 seconds to get a valuation.

Hassle-free Phygital Way

Now, with the phygital version, you can find out the best resale value for your two-wheeler from the comfort of your home. The pre-owned two-wheeler market is evolving, and Hero's platform makes it easy for people to upgrade hassle-free.

Simple Process 

The Hero Wheels of Trust program simplifies the process of exchanging your two-wheeler with a strong digital presence. Prospective customers can use the DIY valuation feature on their smartphones. 

There are experts available at more than 900 trusted channel partners who can help with professional certification, spot-bidding for competitive market offers, and quick, trouble-free exchanges for your existing two-wheeler. Hero assures a quick and transparent indicative resale value through this process.

How To Sell Your Bike Through It?

If you intend to sell your bike through Wheels of Trust, here are some simple steps to help you do so: 

  • Visit the Wheels of Trust website, where you will find Hero’s branding all over, obviously. 
  • If you get into vehicle details, you will need to enter all the important details about your vehicle. Things like the state and city, the brand and its year along with some other registration details. 
  • The best part about this program is the fact that you can actually sell your non-Hero bikes as well, showing how much Hero cares about motorcyclists in general. 
  • Next is the vehicle condition, where you have to enter details about your bike/scooter’s condition. This is the important step and it’s imperative for you to enter all the details correctly, for if you enter anything wrongly, Hero will have full rights to decline the payment it was supposed to give you at the last moment. 
  • Next is your details, in which Hero will ask more about your personal details. This will be important for that’s how Hero will contact you and hence make the payment that way. 
  • And finally, the last step is the valuation step. Based on all the details that you gave earlier, Hero will put up a price, which then you can either accept or reject. If you do accept it, Hero will take things ahead and finally make the payment (which you can select according to the mode of payment)
  • That said, if the money wasn’t as much as you thought it’d be and you feel you deserve more, you can always reject the offer and plan to sell your two-wheeler through some other platform like Olx. 

These things said, we think this website would be one of the best ones to really sell your two-wheeler on. With the backing of a reputed brand like Hero, you would have the extra safety net that prospective buyers would want when selling their two-wheelers online. We also think Hero would quote some of the best prices you will find online, given their track record.

So if you’re looking to get rid of your bike or scooter, the Wheels of Trust website is one website you shouldn’t miss.