Check Out Honda’s Exciting New Bike And Scooter Launches for India In 2024

Check Out Honda’s Exciting New Bike And Scooter Launches for India In 2024

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 4 Jan 2024

Honda has an electrifying line-up of two-wheelers in store for the Indian market in 2024, ranging from eco-friendly scooters to muscular adventure bikes. We reveal the models poised to shake up Honda’s sales charts this year.

  • Honda will launch the landmark Activa Electric scooter with a game-changing range and pricing.
  • An all-new retro-flavored cruiser will share its engine with CB350 and challenge Royal Enfield’s dominance.
  • The NX500 middleweight ADV will offer a budget alternative to Honda's flagship Africa Twin adventure bike.

Honda’s bike portfolio has steadily expanded in recent years, and 2024 promises to unleash the company’s most exciting range yet. From ahead-of-their-time EVs to heritage-inspired roadsters, these upcoming Honda two-wheelers aim to bring new choices to riders across India. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in Honda two-wheeler India store.

Bike ModelEnginePowerKey FeaturesExpected Price
Activa ElectricElectric motorTBA100km range, 4hr fast charging, silent operationRs. 1 lakh
CB350-based Cruiser350cc air-cooled single20hp+Retro styling, affordable cruiser, CB350 engineSub Rs. 2 lakh
CB500X500cc parallel twin47hpVersatile middleweight, mid-capacity tourerRs. 6 lakh
NX500 ADV500cc parallel twin50hpMiddleweight ADV, off-road capability, Africa twin-inspiredSub Rs. 10 lakh
CBR1000RR-R Fireblade1000cc inline-four215hpAdvanced aero, MotoGP tech, liter-class performanceRs. 20 lakh

Activa Electric

The Activa is already India’s best-selling scooter, and an electric variant will propel Honda into an eco-friendly future. The Activa Electric will target a class-leading range up to 100 km, rivaling costlier electric scooters. Its portable batteries will charge fully in just 4 hours for immense convenience. Smooth, silent electric power will make the Activa Electric a zen-like commuter. Competitive pricing around Rs. 1 lakh will make it attainable for the masses.

CB350-based Cruiser

Drawing from Honda’s retro CB350 twins, an all-new cruiser will adopt a similar 350cc air-cooled single engine producing over 20hp. The bike will channel vintage style reminiscent of 1970s Bollywood movies with sweeping chrome and distinctive fuel tanks. Created specifically for India, the model will provide an affordable cruiser option below Rs. 2 lakh in a category dominated by Royal Enfield.


Slotting in between Honda’s CB350 and CBR650R middleweights, an India-bound CB500X will bridge the gap. The do-it-all CB500X combines agile handling from its 500cc twin with upright ergonomics and rugged styling. Priced competitively at around Rs. 6 lakh, it will expand Honda's presence in the rapidly growing mid-capacity segment.


Adventure touring is a niche Honda is eager to tap into with the NX500 middleweight ADV. Inspired by Honda’s legendary Africa Twin adventure bike, the NX500 will adapt a similar go-anywhere identity with off-road readiness. Value pricing under Rs. 10 lakh will target Royal Enfield Himalayan and KTM 390 Adventure riders seeking upgraded capability and displacement.

CBR1000RR-R Fireblade

At the uppermost end of Honda’s range, India will finally welcome its ultimate superbike - the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. Equipped with a MotoGP-derived 1000cc inline four producing 215hp, the Fireblade promises uncompromising performance. Advanced aerodynamics and electronic rider aids enable track-worthy agility that's still road legal. Around a Rs. 20 lakh ex-showroom tag will place it as a premium Japanese alternative to Ducati, BMW and Aprilia liter-class superbikes.

The Road Ahead

Honda is revving up for an action-packed 2024, using popular current models like Activa and CB350 to inspire India-centric new models. Spanning eco-friendly scooters to ultra-refined superbikes, Honda’s upcoming launches cater to riders ranging from city commuters to performance enthusiasts.

The Activa Electric and retro 350cc cruiser in particular will target massive market gaps in the EV and cruiser segments where Honda has previously not competed. The NX500 ADV and CBR1000RR-R meanwhile will dramatically expand Honda's reach into premium categories.

As these exciting new two-wheelers hit Honda showrooms across India, anticipate Honda’s sales charts getting thoroughly shaken up. Going from frugal practicality to electrifying performance and everywhere in between, Indian riders have plenty to look forward to this year!