Check Out The 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Accessories List Here

Check Out The 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Accessories List Here

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 30 Nov 2023

The top box and the panniers are the same units as the ones on the older Himalayan

  • Among these things though, the rally pack can only be decided upon when actually purchasing the bike
  • The other accessories, meanwhile, can be added or removed from Royal Enfield’s online configurator itself
  • With its prices starting from Rs 2.69 lakh, the Himalayan 450 is incredible value for money

Similar to the tradition with Royal Enfield bikes, the recently unveiled Himalayan 450 offers an array of accessories for riders to customize their bikes according to their preferences. Rather than adjusting your lifestyle to fit the bike, these accessories allow you to tailor the bike to suit your needs. Here's a breakdown of the available accessories:

Touring Accessories 

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Himalayan 452
Engine452cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum Power40PS
Maximum Torque40Nm

For avid tourers, Royal Enfield has designed a range of luggage options, including a tank bag, metal panniers, and a top box. The panniers boast a generous 26-litre capacity each, while the top box offers a capacious 40 litres. Interestingly, these units are the same as those used for the Himalayan 411, allowing cross-compatibility. However, note that the mounting rails differ, requiring a separate purchase. Soft luggage alternatives are also available for those who prefer a different aesthetic.

To enhance the touring experience, Royal Enfield offers touring mirrors known for superior finish and sturdiness compared to stock mirrors. A taller windscreen, standing 90mm higher, is available to minimize windblast during sustained highway speeds. For added comfort, riders can opt for a better-padded touring seat, raising the seat height by 7mm and providing two adjustable height options, ranging from 832-852mm.

These will be important because, in terms of highway touring, the new Himalayan 450 is very well equipped to hold high triple-digit cruising speeds all day long. So it’ll be you who’ll be fatigued way before the bike gets even close to what you can say fatigued. The all-new engine makes loads of torque lowering the revs but also has enough horsepower at the top to ensure a good top-end whack for high-speed cruising. Even maintaining 130kmph all day long feels effortless. 

So a taller windscreen will do wonders, especially for taller riders, to keep them at bay from the windblasts, for they can actually tire a rider out in no time. 

Off-road Accessories

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Himalayan 452
Front SuspensionInverted Fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front tyre21-inch 
Rear tyre21-inch 
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake

Dual-channel ABS


Given the Himalayan's off-road popularity, a variety of protective accessories are on offer. These include engine guards (available in minimalistic and prominent designs), a robust aluminum sump guard, a metal radiator guard, and a headlight grille. Optional handguards reinforced with an aluminum spine are also available for added protection.

For comprehensive customization, Royal Enfield offers the Adventure Pack, encompassing most of the aforementioned accessories. Additionally, there's a Rally Pack featuring a sportier tail section and a flat, rally-style seat that increases seat height by 34mm. A different handlebar, situated 13mm closer to the rider and offering a height increase of 37-55mm (depending on installation), can also be purchased separately or as part of the Rally Pack.

It's essential to note that the rally-style tail section must be selected during the initial purchase through the Royal Enfield MIY (Make It Yours) program, as it cannot be acquired later as an accessory. This is due to separate homologation for these parts, which are not compatible with the standard Himalayan 450.