Exciting Ola Electric Motorcycles Break Cover - Complete Details Here

Exciting Ola Electric Motorcycles Break Cover - Complete Details Here

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 18 Aug 2023

The very unique Diamondhead concept stood out the most among the lot. 

  • The Cruiser, meanwhile, is for those looking for a chilled-out ride. 
  • If you want something a bit more retro, Ola has the Roadster in line for you. 
  • And finally, if off-road is something you’re enthusiastic about, do have a look at the Adventure. 

Ola Electric, a company known for its electric scooters in Bangalore, has stepped into the electric motorcycle scene. They showcased four fresh electric bikes at their first-ever Customer Day event. These motorcycles are called Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead and this move highlights Ola's attempt to tap into India's fast-growing electric motorcycle market. Here’s what each bike packs: 

Ola Diamondhead

Expected PriceRs 3.50 lakh
Expected LaunchNovember 2024

Among the group, the most standout is the Ola Diamondhead, a hypermodern take on super sports. This bike flaunts bold styling inspired by the Cybertruck, complete with a lightbar and angular panels. As a super sport, it's designed for committed riders, boasting clip-on handlebars and rear-set pegs. 

These pegs can be adjusted on the move to fine-tune the riding position. The bike also sports a unique front suspension setup with hub center steering, similar to what Bimota does with its motorcycles. It's equipped with dual front discs and a single rear disc, and notably, it's the only one among the bunch to feature a belt drive.

Ola Cruiser

Expected PriceRs 2.70 lakh
Expected LaunchNovember 2024

Ola's version of a cruiser enters the scene next. It's built on the same platform, but with some differences. It features upside-down forks at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear. The riding position follows the cruiser style, with forward-positioned foot pegs, a reclined seat, and a swept-back handlebar. 

The front forks are extended outward, capturing cruiser aesthetics, and it also boasts a wide rear tyre. Similar to a few other models available, this motorcycle uses brake levers on the handlebars, omitting foot pedals for braking. Unlike the Diamondhead, the Cruiser employs a chain drive system.

Ola Adventure

Expected PriceRs 3 lakh
Expected LaunchNovember 2024

Ola's approach to the adventure (ADV) bike is quite appealing. Staying true to its design style, the bike boasts a sharp front appearance, a stylish daytime running light signature, and an upright windscreen. As an adventure bike, it features suspension with ample travel, spoked wheels, and a 19-inch front wheel for better off-road capabilities. 

The seat is relatively flat, offering decent room for storing luggage, supported by pannier racks at the back. Among the four concepts, this one stands out as particularly attractive and is bound to be intriguing when it moves towards production.

Ola Roadster

Expected PriceRs 2.50 lakh
Expected LaunchNovember 2024

Ola's street naked bike is named the Roadster, and interestingly, it looked the most production-ready of the four showcased motorcycles. In fact, the concept model presented was a functional prototype that actually rode onto the stage during the unveiling event. Once again, built upon the same platform, the Roadster is the smallest among the group. 

It boasts a clean and stylish design, and its chassis setup includes upside-down (USD) forks, ByBre brakes featuring dual front discs, and a single shock absorber at the rear. The bike is equipped with 18-inch wheels at the front and 17-inch wheels at the rear, with grippy Michelin Road 6 tyres at both ends. 


Specific information about these motorcycles was not disclosed, except for the notable point that they are anticipated to be the most high-powered electric motorcycles in the nation. Ola has stated that manufacturing is scheduled to commence in the coming year. 

The motorcycles certainly catch the eye, and it's worth noting that they vary in terms of how far along they are in the development process — the Adventure and Roadster models seem to be closer to being production-ready compared to the other two. So, all that's left to do is wait and see what Ola will bring to the streets