Family Electric Scooter: Choose The One That’s Perfect For You

Family Electric Scooter: Choose The One That’s Perfect For You

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 22 Jul 2023

These will help you save fuel money while being quite reliable. 

  • The Simple One packs the highest range among all the scooters. 
  • If you’re someone looking for good performance too, the Ather 450X is a good bet. 
  • TVS’ iQube S, on the other hand, strikes a good balance between performance and range. 

Electric scooters have improved a lot over the years. While people were quite skeptical about them some time ago, they’ve proven to be reliable machines over the years. Now they’re practical, fast, and help you save money on fuel. If you want a family-friendly electric scooter that won't cost too much, check out these four great options:

  1.TVS iQube S 

Specifications  TVS iQube S
Motor4.4kW Hub Motor
Top Speed82kmph
Battery3.04kWh Li-ion Battery Pack

For those who love retro style, the TVS iQube electric scooter has a charming appeal. Its design is elegant and not too flashy, making it a cohesive and attractive choice, something that will suit most families. It reminds us of the 'Jupiter of electric scooters,' simple yet highly functional, and that's charming in itself.

Its hub motor delivers plenty of torque, making it a blast to ride in the city. With a top speed of 82kmph, it can even handle highway rides with ease. If you're a young rider seeking an electric scooter with a bit of performance, the iQube will surely keep you entertained. That said, the power delivery is linear and progressive, something all the members of the family can come to terms with easily. 

All in all, the iQube S presents itself as a fantastic do-it-all scooter, something that can definitely replace the ICE scooters you currently use. 

   2.Simple One 

Specifications  Simple One
Top Speed105kmph

Families that use their scooters extensively though, should definitely have a look at the Simple One. It boasts a sleek and aggressive design, much like the Ather, but with even more to offer. With a top speed of 105kmph, it has a motorcycle-like performance, and the impressive 236km range means you won't have to rush to a charging station anytime soon.

For college students who love performance, the Simple One is definitely worth considering. At the same time, the older people in the house who want a value for money quotient out of their scooters will love this as well. Its accessible seat height and compact proportions make it quite a family-friendly scooter for you to consider. 

The best thing is that it also has removable batteries, meaning charging at home would also be possible, something that’s always a very, very useful touch in electric vehicles. So if budget isn’t a constraint for you, we’d strongly recommend you to test ride the Simple One and see if it fits your definition of a family-friendly e-scoot.

   3.Ather 450X

SpecificationsAther 450X
Motor6kW (peak)
Top Speed90kmph
Battery pack3.7kWh

105km (Eco mode)

85km (Ride mode)

The Ather 450X lies on the performance side of things. But that doesn’t mean it compromises on practicality massively. The scooter is still quite capable of handling your everyday duties and it’s one that everyone in your family will actually have a lot of fun on. Plus given how grippy its tyres are, the Ather 450X will also make for quite a safe scooter, especially in the rains. 

If the folks in your family like even a bit of performance, the Ather 450X will surely keep them and you entertained and more than happy.            

   4.Ola S1 Pro

Specifications  Ola S1 Pro 
Top Speed116kmph
Range170km (Eco Mode)

If the Ather 450X left you impressed with its sharp and sporty demeanor, the Ola S1 Pro aims to win you over with its distinct and funky curves. While the LED headlight might not appeal to everyone, family members will wholeheartedly vouch for its uniqueness. Undeniably, there's nothing quite like the Ola S1 Pro available in the market at the moment.

Moreover, the scooter boasts of a whole lot of practicality. For starters, you have a massive, modern-looking 7-inch TFT console that complements its overall appearance. It is touch-enabled, allowing you to proudly showcase your tech-savviness to your friends. You can effortlessly navigate through the console with just your bare hands, eliminating the need to fumble with the switch cubes positioned on the left side of the handlebar, thoughtfully provided by Ola.

And even the 170km range is quite useful. Given its widespread hypercharging network, the Ola S1 Pro should make for a decent daily commuter, something everyone in the family can use. 


While they all sound really nice, we think the TVS iQube S makes the most sense of the lot. It’s relatively affordable, packs a good range and strikes a lovely balance between practicality and performance. It’s practical enough to handle your everyday commutes but packs just enough performance to make it fun. That, for us, is the clear winner.