Fixed Battery Pack In e-Scooters: All Restrictions You Must Know

Fixed Battery Pack In e-Scooters: All Restrictions You Must Know

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 25 May 2023

One of the biggest benefits is charging your batteries conveniently. 

  • Hero Vida V1 and the Simple One are the only premium scooters in India that offer detachable batteries.
  • The scooters can take a long time to charge up otherwise. 
  • Even the Ola S1 Pro doesn’t facilitate that. 

If you've ever owned an electric scooter, you already know how awful it is to have to wait for it to charge or for it to stop working when you really want to use it. So, are removable batteries the preferred option? 

As you can see, a detachable battery scooter's suitability depends on a variety of things, including your needs and tastes. So here’s a list of reasons why you should opt for a scooter with removable batteries

Benefits Of Detachable Batteries: 

1 - No Cap On Range

How far do you want to travel? How far you can go is not limited by the number of batteries you can purchase. On some days, your trip might only need one battery; however, if you have two, you can quickly travel twice as far!

2 - Batteries Can Be Charged Independently

You may charge your batteries while not in use without having to pull your e-scooter out of the case and plug it all in. This implies that a battery could be left at work to charge overnight. With this cycle, you may ride to work regardless of how far it is, replace your old batteries with fully charged ones, and plug in the other. Ride home and charge overnight after that. Never fret about your devices running out of juice.

3 - No Long Waits

The scooter's architecture makes it possible to swap out the battery in the chamber in less than 10 seconds. SmartKick even produced totes. This is perfect for people that commute and are always on the go!

4 - More Fashionable

Detachable battery scooters are actually a bonus for people who do not have a problem charging their electric scooters in their regular parking area or garage. Most adult scooters are anticipated to come with detachable batteries in the future. Riders do not have to carry the complete vehicle to the power source, recovery of the electric vehicle is made significantly easier, and operating or maintenance costs are also reduced.

5 - Cheaper To Maintain

Why is the price of petrol rising so quickly? How can fuel prices be lowered? Even though the price of power has recently become the norm, charging our moped scooter at home is still less expensive than using any other public charging stations.

We also need to factor in the expense of owning an electric scooter for repairs. Most electric scooters come with a return policy or warranty. Dealers of scooters may ask customers to return their e-scooters when they have a battery issue. The reality is that changing a battery pack on an electric scooter with a removable battery will be far less expensive than on one with an integrated built-in battery due to the intricacy of a battery embedded in the chassis.

Drawbacks Of Fixed Battery Scooters 

As we mentioned earlier, scooters with fixed batteries bring quite a lot of inconveniences. Here’s the issues you could face with them: 

1 - Range Anxiety

In India, range is by far the largest problem with electric two-wheelers. Although several manufacturers advertise a range of up to 150 kilometres, the actual result is often lower. 

This essentially restricts your day-to-day activities, especially if you reside far from your place of employment or must travel frequently during the workday for other reasons. Small ICE scooters and bikes, which have smaller engines and gasoline tanks, typically travel farther between fill-ups. 

2 - Charging Time

We now have a second issue, which is charging time. An EV requires at least 4-4.5 hours to fully charge using the supplied charger, so you'll be stuck waiting for a while if you forget your charger or run out of power in the middle of the process. Not to mention that even in major cities, the grid networks and charging stations are still not very common.

Fast chargers are an attempt by manufacturers to get around this, but a proper system is still years away. There is also the additional cost that is typically associated with it. 

3 - Replacing The Batteries Can Be Pricey

The price of buying a new battery is the last but not least. Since the majority of firms provide three or even five year guarantees on the battery, this isn't something you'll have to deal with for at least three or four years, but you should still budget for it. 

Battery health (and range) may decline over time, necessitating replacement as batteries cannot be opened up and repaired like ICE engines. Few battery manufacturers have made their prices public; a typical Li-ion battery with a respectable capacity costs around Rs 50,000. However, when manufacturers find ways to localise components, these prices will eventually decline. 

Five e-Scooters In India With Detachable Batteries

  1. Bounce Infinity E1 
  2. iVOOMi Energy's JeetX 
  3. Simple One 
  4. Okinawa i-Praise Plus 
  5. Hero Vida V1