Here’s How The Harley-Davidson X440’s Test Ride Experience Was For An Enthusiast

Here’s How The Harley-Davidson X440’s Test Ride Experience Was For An Enthusiast

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 18 Oct 2023

The X440 is powered by an air-cooled 440cc engine that is very tractable

  • In terms of looks, it’s derived from the XR1200, Harley’s first naked bike
  • In fact, an inverted fork is a first for a Harley-Davidson small-capacity bike
  • The X440 even has a 6-speed gearbox, something even the bigger Harleys don’t have

A fellow enthusiast recently went to get a test ride of the new Harley-Davidson X440 and here’s how that went: 

The Booking:

In a surprising turn of events, our rider shares their journey, which began with a booking for the Harley-Davidson X440. Although the initial communication promised a prompt response from the authorized dealer before August 15, 2023, it appeared that no one ever reached out to them.

A significant detail from the booking email stated that the delivery should occur within 90 days from the booking date. Given that they booked the motorcycle on the launch day, July 4th, it seemed that the delivery should be imminent. However, as time passed without any updates, it became apparent that the process was not as swift as expected. 

The Test Ride:

The rider's test ride booking experience was less than ideal. When test rides commenced a week ago, slots were scarce. The rider managed to secure a slot for today after a midnight booking a week earlier. Despite not receiving any email or message, they retained a screenshot of the confirmation page. 

Filling out the test ride form was relatively simple compared to their experience with Triumph. Helmets were provided for those who didn't have them, and there was no specific dress code, unlike the requirements at Triumph.

Opinion Based on the Test Ride:

The rider shared their impressions of the Harley-Davidson X440 following the test ride. They highlighted certain drawbacks, including the bike's heaviness, particularly when parking and maneuvering in slow-moving traffic. Additionally, the wires on the right side of the handlebar and the rectangular cutout in a circular console didn't meet their aesthetic standards. In terms of fit and finish, they believed that the X440 couldn't compare to the superior quality of the Triumph Speed 400. 

Despite these drawbacks, the rider acknowledged some positives, such as the appealing exhaust note and the motorcycle's impressive performance at lower RPMs. They believed that the X440 could be an excellent choice for long-distance riders who avoid city traffic, as minimal engine heat was felt.


After the test ride, the rider contemplated their decision to purchase the Triumph Speed 400. When inquiring about canceling the X440 booking, the sales associate suggested transferring it to someone else to benefit from the lower price, given that the prices had increased by Rs. 10,500. Changing the model was also an option, providing flexibility in choosing a different variant. 

During their visit, the rider interacted with other customers who shared the same sales associate. Many customers appeared to have been drawn by the lower price of the brand, and some were not familiar with the competition or different motorcycle segments. The rider refrained from explaining why comparing the Triumph Speed 400 with the X440 might not make sense.