Here’s Why The Ola S1 Pro Is The Highest Selling Scooter In India

Here’s Why The Ola S1 Pro Is The Highest Selling Scooter In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Apr 01, 2024

The Ola S1 Pro claims a massive 170km range in Eco mode

  • Along with that, it also has a solid 116kmph top speed
  • Underpinnings for the Ola S1 Pro include a telescopic fork and a monoshock
  • For braking, there are disc brakes at both ends

The Ola S1 Pro has consistently remained the top-selling scooter in India, and there are several prominent factors contributing to its popularity. Notable among these are its distinctive aesthetics, impressive range, robust motor, and other key features. These aspects collectively contribute to the Ola S1 Pro's dominance in the Indian electric scooter market.

Quirky Design

Getting an up-close encounter with a vehicle for the first time is always an exciting moment, particularly when it's as sleek-looking as the S1 Pro. We missed the opportunity to inspect it during the launch event three months ago, and even if We had, the scooters were restricted from closer examination at that time, somewhat dampening the intimacy of the experience. Thus, my initial impression of the Ola scooter was formed during this encounter, and it was largely positive. 

While its design may not immediately captivate with flashy elements, it boasts a refined appearance characterized by clean lines and simplicity. This understated aesthetic, although not attention-grabbing, exudes a crisp and contemporary vibe suitable for an electric scooter, which we found visually appealing. Whether this subtle design will resonate with a market accustomed to chrome embellishments and bold graphics remains to be seen.

Further inspection only strengthened the initial positive impression, owing to the vehicle's high quality and finish standards. The alignment of panels and gaps is precise and consistent, the switchgear exhibits good quality, and the materials used convey a sense of durability, even if they lack a luxurious feel. Overall, the S1 Pro presents itself as a well-polished and ready-for-production vehicle, with only a few minor exceptions such as a slightly flimsy side-stand and oddly positioned rubber-mounted grab rails.

Endless Features

The exploration then transitioned to the 7.0-inch TFT touchscreen, leaving a positive first impression with its impressive resolution, brightness, and responsive interface. Ola's user interface (UI) proves fairly intuitive, although we encountered a setback when attempting to utilize the navigation feature due to a persistent network issue with the scooter's integrated eSIM. 

While basic functions such as music playback and phone call control are present, the more distinctive features promised by Ola, such as cruise control and music playback through the scooter's built-in speakers, remained inactive and are slated for activation through future OTA updates.

The ride experience took a markedly unconventional turn from this point onward. Notably, the S1 Pro lacks any physical keys; instead, the scooter can be unlocked either by entering a six-digit code on the touchscreen or via a dedicated mobile app. Ola has also announced plans to introduce a proximity unlock feature supported by Bluetooth in the future. Accessing the S1 Pro's spacious but unilluminated 36-litre underseat storage compartment is also managed through the touchscreen, raising concerns about accessibility in the event of a depleted battery. 

However, Ola reassures users that the battery will retain a certain level of residual charge, enabling the boot to be opened upon command from the mobile app. As of now, the required app is not available on any online app store, necessitating further exploration at a later stage.

Massive Range 

Specifications  Ola S1 Pro 
Top Speed116kmph
Range170km (Eco Mode)

Certainly, while there is room for improvement in the powertrain department, Ola has undoubtedly excelled in the chassis design. The use of Gabriel-sourced single-sided front suspension and horizontally-mounted rear shock absorbers has resulted in outstanding ride quality, surpassing that of many conventionally-sprung scooters. The chassis demonstrates a commendable balance, effectively smoothing out most road imperfections while maintaining excellent body control. Whether riding solo or with a passenger, the experience remains plush and comfortable. Although it may not rival dedicated corner-carving machines, the scooter retains its typical agility with sharp turn-in characteristics and confident handling when leaned over, provided lean angles are kept within reasonable limits.

Engaging Performance 

SpecificationsOla S1 Pro 
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre110/70-12
Rear Tyre110/70-12
Front brake220mm Disc Brake
Rear brake180mm Disc Brake

Undoubtedly, the allure of electric vehicles lies in their absence of operational emissions, reduced number of moving parts, and their silent, smooth operation. However, my personal favourite aspect of electric vehicles is their instantaneous torque and acceleration. 

Therefore, we naturally commenced my testing in Hyper mode. Ola asserts that the 8.5kW permanent magnet motor propels the S1 Pro to 40kph in just 3.0 seconds in this mode, a claim that certainly holds merit based on my experience. While there was a slight initial sluggishness, once past that, the acceleration was remarkably vigorous, defying typical expectations for an urban scooter. 

Although we didn't conduct formal performance tests, we are confident that this scooter ranks among the fastest accelerators currently available in the Indian market.