Hero Electric Optima - Here’s What The Reliable, Masses Favourite E-Scooter Has To Offer

Hero Electric Optima - Here’s What The Reliable, Masses Favourite E-Scooter Has To Offer

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 Mar 2023

The Hero Electric Optima sounds decent on paper, but nothing that it packs really stands out. So in this extremely competitive segment, is it just another run-of-the-mill electric scooter? Let’s find out:

  • The Hero Electric Optima can go upto 140km per charge. 
  • It has a claimed top speed of 45kmph.
  • The electric scooter is offered in two variants: Single battery and dual battery

Hero Electric Optima: Design & Features

The Hero Electric Optima CX looks identical to the HX variant that it replaces. As a result, the e-scooter retains its traditional design. Hero Electric, meanwhile, has introduced three new colors for the CX model: grey, blue, and white. While none of them really stands out, the blue could appeal to the ones looking for a brighter, more attention-grabbing paint scheme. The white colorway, meanwhile, will appeal to the ones looking for something more unique. 

A digital instrument cluster, cruise control, walk assist function, reverse mode, regenerative braking, remote lock with anti-theft alarm, USB charging port, and an LED headlight are among the features available on the Hero Electric Optima. While they’re nothing to boast of in this feature-rich EV space, bits like regenerative braking, an anti-theft alarm and a USB charging port are all very useful in day-to-day life. 

For the uninitiated, what regenerative braking essentially does is convert the kinetic energy lost during braking into stored energy in the vehicle's battery. Clever, isn’t it!

Hero Electric Optima: Motor Specs

The Optima CX is powered by a 550W BLDC hub motor with a peak power of 1.2kW. It is connected to a removable 51.2V, 30Ah lithium ion battery pack, which takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge.

The claimed top speed of the e-scooter is 45kmph. And if that sounds kinda slow, it is because…well it is. If you are commuting on the Optima, wanting to get to a place in a hurry, the scooter will obviously feel slow. The standard CX is said to have a range of 82 kilometres, while the dual battery trim is said to have a range of 140 kilometres. 

The most significant disadvantage for the Optima is undoubtedly its limited range. While it may be ideal for shorter and more predictable routes, it’ll be quite limited if one needs to travel after hours or for an unexpected trip.

Hero Electric Optima: Chassis

SpecificationsHero Electric Optima
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionDual shock absorbers 
Front Tyre90/90-12
Rear Tyre90/90-12
Front brakeDum brakes
Rear brakeDrum brakes

The hardware on offer for the Optima is pretty standard; we’ve seen it all previously on other scooters and nothing really stands out. Where the price cutting is evident is in the form that the e-scooter is only available with drum brakes. 

A front disc brake isn’t offered even as an optional accessory. That said, the brakes felt pretty good for the speeds the Optima is capable of, and unlike other electric scooters we've ridden in the past, they don't feel mushy at the lever.

Hero Electric Optima: Variants & Price

VariantPrice (ex-showroom Delhi, including FAME II subsidy)
Hero Electric Optima Single BatteryRs 67,190
Hero Electric Optima Dual BatteryRs 85,190

The Hero Optima CX is on sale in two variants. The single battery trim is on sale for a rather enticing Rs 67,190. The dual battery variant, meanwhile, will set you back by Rs 85,190, both prices ex-showroom Delhi post Fame II subsidy. That makes them quite compelling scooters to buy, not because of the features or range or performance on offer, but mainly because of their price tags. 


At the end of the day, what the Hero Electric Optima promises to be is a no-nonsense, no frills electric scooter. It packs a decent enough range, useful features and most importantly, a price tag that makes it quite an affordable offering. Yes, it doesn’t boast of segment-first features but the ones that it has promise to be usable in the real world. 

And if you are going to travel a fair bit, the Optima’s dual battery variant is a no-brainer. With that, the Optima makes quite a strong case for itself against its competitors, which include the Bounce Infinity E1,  BGauss A2 and the Ampere Magnus.