Honda Activa Electric: Expected Price, Features & More

Honda Activa Electric: Expected Price, Features & More

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 31 Jul 2023

India’s favourite scooter is getting an electric makeover and we’re excited for it! 

  • In terms of features, the Activa Electric could be somewhat similar to the Bajaj Chetak. 
  • If you think it’ll be a performance-oriented electric scooter, we’re sorry to disappoint but that’s unlikely to happen. 
  • Its pricing, meanwhile, is likely to be just over the Rs 1 lakh mark, ex-showroom. 

In September 2022, Honda made an exciting revelation about its future endeavours in the Asian markets. They unveiled their intention to introduce two electric scooters, scheduled for launch in 2024-2025. Although Honda kept most of the specifics under wraps, they offered a glimpse of the upcoming models by showcasing their silhouettes. Among these, one of the scooters appears to be the Activa Electric, generating considerable buzz among enthusiasts.

As of now, precise details about these electric scooters remain undisclosed, leaving us eagerly anticipating what Honda has in store for its first EV venture in the region. So here are three things that you can expect from the Activa Electric: 

Design Could Remain Largely Unchanged

Honda's decision to draw inspiration from the Activa's design language for one of its upcoming electric scooters is quite evident from the shared silhouette. Given the Activa's long-standing dominance in sales over the past two decades, this choice doesn't come as a major surprise, as the Activa has already proven to be a popular and successful model.

However, it's important to note that despite the similarities in exteriors, the Activa Electric is expected to be an entirely new project, designed specifically for electric mobility. While certain components like wheels, tires, and suspension may be shared with its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts to optimize production costs, the overall electric scooter is likely to be a fresh and innovative creation from Honda.

By utilizing the familiarity of the Activa's design, Honda aims to tap into the existing brand recognition and customer trust, thereby making the transition to electric mobility smoother for consumers who are already familiar with the Activa's aesthetics and performance. This move also allows Honda to build upon the Activa's legacy and further establish itself as a prominent player in the electric scooter market, leveraging the strong foundation laid by its successful ICE models.

Tech-savvy? Not Really…

Honda will likely adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to the feature list for the Activa Electric, drawing parallels with the strategy seen on the Bajaj Chetak, another popular electric scooter in the market. By offering essential features rather than an abundance of extras, Honda aims to maintain a competitive price point for the Activa Electric.

By adopting this minimalist approach, Honda aims to strike a balance between offering a compelling electric scooter with the necessary features while also keeping it affordable for a broader range of customers. 

Could Have Solid Charging Options

While Honda appears to prioritize functionality over an extensive list of features for the Activa Electric, the company has set ambitious goals for establishing a robust charging infrastructure. As part of this initiative, Honda has been actively testing the swappable battery technology, as evidenced by the sighting of the Honda Benly-e electric scooter undergoing tests in India. 

In a significant step towards advancing this vision, Honda conducted a pilot program in Bengaluru, focusing on swappable batteries for electric three-wheelers. 

Furthermore, Honda has taken collaboration to another level by partnering with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) to establish charging and battery swapping stations at HP fuel bunks throughout the country. This strategic partnership aims to leverage HPCL's existing network of fuel stations to facilitate the expansion of charging and battery swapping infrastructure for electric vehicles, offering customers greater convenience and accessibility.