Kinetic Green Zulu Electric Scooter :7 Must Know Aspects

Kinetic Green Zulu Electric Scooter :7 Must Know Aspects

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 13 Dec 2023

Indian EV maker Kinetic Green expands its electric two-wheeler range with the new Zulu high-speed electric scooter. Packed with usable range, smart features and aggressive pricing, the Zulu electric aims to be a value-focused electric scooter for Indian riders.

  • Sprightly electric performance via a powerful brushless DC motor.
  • 2.5+ kWh lithium-ion battery pack for 125 km range per charge.
  • A host of connectivity and location tracking features.

By launching their most affordable electric high-speed scooter, Kinetic Green makes electric mobility more accessible to mainstream buyers. Let's explore the top 7 elements that define the technology-rich Zulu.

Kinetic Green Zulu Specifications
Battery Capacity2.27 kWh
Motor Power3.2 kW
Top Speed60 kmph
Range (IDC)125 km
Charging Time4-5 Hours
BrakesDrum Brakes
Smartphone AppKinetic MOBii

1. Powerful Electric Drivetrain

At the heart of the Zulu electric sits a 3.2kW rated brushless DC electric motor. It delivers lively acceleration allowing a 60 kmph top speed. The motor integrates well with the battery and draws optimized current for efficiency.

2. Large Capacity Battery

The Zulu gets a sizable 2.27 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Rated for 1250 cycles, the maintenance-free battery enables up to 125 km range on a full charge. It also supports fast charging via a standard 15A socket.

3. Three Ride Modes

Riders can switch between Eco, Power and Reverse modes to alter performance. The Power mode unleashes full motor output for swift overtakes while Eco mode maximizes driving range by limiting top speed to 45 kmph. There's also a Reverse mode to easily maneuver the scooter.

4. Advanced Instrument Console

An LED instrument cluster displays key readouts like battery SOC, speed, riding mode, etc. It also shows incoming calls and SMS alerts when paired to an Android/iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. Riders can also view navigation assist through the console's digital display.

5. Smartphone Connectivit

The Zulu electric scooter offers smartphone connectivity through Kinetic Green's 'MOBii' companion app. It enables monitoring the two-wheeler status, setting geo-fences, alarms and even tracking it remotely. The app also assists in locating nearby charging stations.

6. Extensive Location Tracking

Safety and security are enhanced via multiple location tracking features. The telematics control unit can track the vehicle continuously and provides real-time data on its location, speed, battery status, etc. This data gets relayed to both the user's smartphone and Kinetic Green's back-end.

7. Affordable Pricing

Despite packing in considerable features and technology for an electric scooter, Kinetic Green manages to price the Zulu electric quite competitively. It carries an on-road price tag between Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 95,000 (ex-showroom) across different states. This makes it among the most value-packed electric scooters around.


The Kinetic Green Zulu makes a strong case for itself as an urban electric scooter with its balance of usable range, connectivity, convenience and aggressive sticker pricing. Despite keeping costs low, Kinetic Green manages to pack premium features like a potent motor, large battery, smartphone integration and multi-layered tracking. 

Overall, the Zulu electric scooter looks well-equipped as an affordable, high-tech alternative for budget-focused buyers wanting to adopt electric personal mobility. With its smart specs combining with its sharp pricing, the Zulu surely seems like an electrifying value proposition for Indian families.