Most Popular Two-wheelers In India: Here Is The Segment-wise List

Most Popular Two-wheelers In India: Here Is The Segment-wise List

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Apr 19, 2023

The Honda Activa 6G, Hero Splendor and a lot more, have been some of the absolute favourites for the Indian audience. 

  • Hero Splendor has been the best-selling bike ever, selling more than 2 lakh units every month.
  • The Hero Passion has sold like hot cakes too, over the years.
  • The TVS Apache series has been the best-selling premium bike over the years.

India is a huge and diverse country with numerous civilizations dispersed across. Regardless of the diversity, one of the common factors in each family is a Hero motorcycle, and India is one of the world's top four largest two-wheeler markets.

In 2017, India overtook the United States as the world's largest two-wheeler market, with over 37 million motorbikes and scooters on the road. Every day, about 48,000 two-wheelers are sold in India. Despite the fact that the epidemic affected this industry, recovery is expected in the next few years. The recovery has started, but it will take some time to hit new milestones and return to the old sales pattern.

The entry-level bikes of Hero, the world's second-largest 2-wheeler manufacturer, dominate the Indian motorbike industry. Hero holds this position due to their substantial sales in the Indian market. Except for Hero bikes and Honda scooters, Indians adore two-wheelers of all types. The Royal Enfield has an obvious following, which is only rising with the introduction of new variations. 

Let's take a look at the most common bikes we see:

         1)Everyday Commuters

Without a question, Hero has the most significant bite in this segment, much as Maruti Suzuki has in the passenger car segment. Here are some of the most popular Hero bikes:

It is one of India's most cheap and BS-VI compliant motorcycles. Splendour ismart, Splendour Plus, and Super Splendour are the three models available. It has served as the foundation of Hero MotoCorp.

This motorbike has finished second to the Splendour. It is powered by a single-cylinder 100c fuel-injected engine producing around 8hp. Hero claims that the upgraded version has marginally greater fuel efficiency and acceleration.

Splendour iSmart's brother, Passion, is comparable. It has been one of the long-standing goods that people enthusiastically ride, and it runs on the same engine and technology, producing 9 horsepower.

Glamour is a step up from the entry-level model, with a single-cylinder 124cc engine producing around 11hp. It has been lagging behind competitors such as the Bajaj Pulsar.

The Honda product competing with the 125cc form of the Pulsar was a fan favourite. The electronic fuel injection delivers sharp throttle revs and a smooth ride, making it nearly ideal for daily commuting.

One of Honda's earliest BS-VI certified motorcycles, with style similar to the CB shine. In terms of power, it is powered by a single-cylinder 162cc engine producing around 13hp.

     2)Sporty Commuters

Since 2001, Pulsar has been a proper sporting event. All the trims on offer perform quite well with their sporty packages, accounting for around 20% of the 180-200cc motorcycle market with great performance and power.

Bajaj has maintained this icon well and expanded the versions substantially with adequate technological and power advancements.

  • TVS Apache Series

TVS's flagship model, the Apache, boasts a powerful engine and an overall luxury sporty package with improved performance. It offers a short wide range from 160cc to 200cc: Apache RTR 160, RTR 180, RTR 160 4V, and RTR 200 4V.

     3)Sport bikes

  • Royal Enfield 650 Twins

In 2018, Royal Enfield introduced the 650 twins, the Continental GT 650 and the Interceptor 650, in India. These twins are formidable with legendary appeal, starting at around 2.90 lakhs (ex-showroom). In the year following the pandemic's recovery, Royal Enfield sold approximately 20,000 of these.

The Apache RR 310 is the most powerful and aggressive model in the TVS Apache line, with prices starting from Rs 2.72 lakh (ex-showroom) and lakhs seated in the top 5 with approximately 4,000 sold per year.

This is the best-selling model in the Kawasaki lineup in India and sells roughly 1,000 units every year. The pandemic has had the greatest impact on this segment.


Finally, we have the renowned Royal Enfield! This company has been operating in India since 1955, and the 350cc Bullet is still in service! In fact, the Bullet, Classic and the Hunter 350 sell a lot more than even some 125cc commuters! 

The Classic 350 has been in operation for some time and has always been well received by the public. It is the most popular motorcycle due to the latest BS-VI modifications and a fuel injection system producing around 20PS. 

RE managed to upgrade all the right parts of the Classic in its current version while also addressing all of the minor issues we had with the prior generation. And all without jeopardising what the Classic 350 has always stood for: an easy-going, old-school British single that seems right at home in the twenty-first century. It truly is the perfect bike to go for if you’re looking for an old-school, laidback riding experience.