New Ather Apex 450 Bookings Open– Key Details To Know Before Launch

New Ather Apex 450 Bookings Open– Key Details To Know Before Launch

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 29 Dec 2023

Ather Energy is gearing up to launch an upgraded variant of their flagship electric scooter, the Ather Apex 450. This new iteration aims to push boundaries in performance, features, and styling. Before you book the Apex 450, here are the top 7 essential details you must know about this exciting new electric scooter.

  • Ather refines the striking visual design with new color schemes and decals.
  • The powerful electric drivetrain gets tuning upgrades to deliver quicker acceleration.
  • Improved battery technology squeezes out more range per charge.
  • New riding modes allow customization of performance characteristics.
  • Latest generation touchscreen interface and connected features.
  • Limited launch edition with exclusive ownership perks.

The Ather Apex 450 banks on improvements across the board while retaining the core competencies of the brand. Explore the key upgrades and changes you should know about before the Apex 450 arrives.

SpecificationAther Apex 450
Motor6 kW (8 bhp) Electric Hub Motor
Battery2.9 kWh Lithium-Ion
Max Range85 km (Real World Estimate)
Top Speed80 km/h
Acceleration0-40 km/h in 3.3 sec
Charging Time5.5 hours (0-80%, Standard Charger)
Smartphone ConnectivityYes, Bluetooth and 4G
Touchscreen Display7-inch Touchscreen Dashboard
Riding ModesWarp, Ride, Eco
Kerb Weight108 kg

1. Refreshed Styling

The Apex 450 carries over the futuristic bodywork of the previous Apex but gets styling revisions. It will be offered in a choice of three new colors - Stellar Grey, Moonlight White, and Supernova Red. Apex decals on the sides and rear are redesigned for a more modern geometric look. New fog lamps are integrated into the front apron. These styling tweaks enhance the scooter's distinctive design.

2. Improved Motor and Acceleration

Powering the Apex 450 is an upgraded electric hub motor derived from the previous generation. Engineers have fine-tuned the motor's performance and achieved a higher peak power output. This translates to faster acceleration - Ather claims the 450 can do 0-40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. The additional punch should make city riding more effortless.

3. Extended Range

Despite more power, the 450's battery has also benefited from advancements in battery cell technology. The new lithium-ion pack has 15 percent more usable capacity than before. Ather estimated real-world range has improved from 70 km to 85 km per charge based on conditions. With the greater operating range, fewer recharging stops are required.

4. Smart Riding Modes

The Apex 450 introduces customizable riding modes to alter performance. 'Warp' mode unleashes full power for the quickest acceleration. 'Ride' mode dials power down to 80% for relaxed city commutes. 'Eco' limits speed and power to 45 km/h to maximize range. Riders can set preferences as per needs through the dashboard.

5. Upgraded Display and Connected Tech

The Apex 450 comes loaded with Ather’s latest Snapdragon-powered touchscreen dashboard. It is larger at 7 inches and gets Gorilla glass protection. The interface has been redesigned for better visibility and usability. Connected features like onboard navigation, remote monitoring, and over-the-air updates also benefit from upgrades.

6. Added Creature Comforts

Ather has incorporated some new handy features into the 450 for greater convenience. Hill hold control prevents accidental rolling back on inclines. 'Guide me home' lights illuminate the path to your door at night. There is an additional USB port near the dashboard as well. A parking stand sensor alerts you if the stand is still down while moving. These small additions enhance the ownership experience.

7. Special Launch Edition

The Apex 450 will be available only as a limited Special Edition at launch. Just 1000 units of the launch edition will be produced. It can be identified by the 'Series 1' decals on the bodywork. Owners will receive an exclusive leather jacket and helmet as a welcome kit. They also get early access to test rides of next-gen Ather models. These exclusive ownership privileges are added to the package.

The Bottom Line

With performance and technological improvements, the Apex 450 promises to raise the bar for premium electric scooters. Its fresh style and special launch perks make it an exciting prospect for urban riders. Consider these 7 essential details about the upgrades and ownership experience to make an informed choice before the Apex 450 arrives.