Ola S1X Launched: Know Every Detail About The 3 New Ola Scooters Starting At Rs 89,999

Ola S1X Launched: Know Every Detail About The 3 New Ola Scooters Starting At Rs 89,999

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 18 Aug 2023

The scooter is available in three different trims: S1X (2kWh), S1X (3kWh) and S1X Plus. 

  • Along with this, the scooter is on sale in a massive seven colourways. 
  • What Ola hasn’t changed on the S1X is the massive 34-litre boot space. 
  • And finally, the S1 Air has also received a Rs 10,000 price hike. 

Ola Electric has introduced its latest entry-level electric scooter, the S1 X, in three different options. The pricing begins at Rs 89,999 for the basic 2kWh variant. The middle-tier model, also named the S1 X, is equipped with a larger 3kWh battery and is priced at Rs 99,999. The highest-tier variant in the X series is the S1 X+, which includes extra connectivity features and comes with a price tag of Rs 1,09,999. 

Until August 21, all three versions are available at a discounted price of Rs 10,000 from the mentioned amounts.

Ola S1X: Range And Other Bits

Ola mentions that the S1 X uses the same type of engine as the S1 Air, which is called a hub motor. Initially, the company said it could produce up to 4.5kW of power, but now they're saying it's capable of 6kW. For the S1 X, this translates to a maximum speed of 90kph, which matches the speed of the S1 Air. 

The acceleration numbers are also the same as the Air – it can go from 0 to 40kph in 3.3 seconds. These details apply to the two higher versions of the scooter, which come with the 3kWh battery pack.

The basic model, which has a smaller 2kWh battery, offers less range and performance. It's said to reach a top speed of 85kph and takes 4.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 40kph. This version is certified to have a range of 91km. 

On the other hand, the two higher versions have a certified range of 151km and better performance. Interestingly, during its launch, the S1 Air was reported to have a certified range of 125km, but Ola now states that both the S1 Air and the S1 X share the same certified range of 151km.

Ola S1X: Suspension

The foundation of the scooter is quite straightforward, featuring pressed steel wheels and drum brakes on both the front and rear. The suspension system consists of a telescopic fork at the front and two shock absorbers attached to a swingarm at the back. Because the S1 X is built upon Ola's latest 'Gen 2' electric scooter platform, it also benefits from a level floorboard due to the updated frame design utilized in this model.

Ola S1X: Features

The S1 X shares a lot in common with the S1 Air, but there are a couple of notable distinctions that have enabled Ola to offer the X at a more competitive price. The most significant alteration is the absence of a TFT touchscreen that is found in Ola's more premium models. 

Instead, the S1 X uses a simpler and more affordable LCD display. Additionally, there are more black plastic components without paint on the S1 X compared to the S1 Air, which has likely contributed to cost savings as well.

Ola S1X: Deliveries 

Starting today, you can make bookings for any of the three versions of the S1 X. Deliveries for the highest-tier S1 X+ are scheduled to start by the end of September. However, the lower two versions will only be available to buyers in December, according to Ola's timeline.

Move OS4

If these things still haven’t got you excited, wait till you hear that Ola has now also introduced the upcoming Moves 4, which will have a beta version available through an over-the-air (OTA) update starting from September 15. The full version is expected to be accessible from October. Moves 4 will include the following features:

  • Ola Maps
  • Hill Descent
  • Find my scooter
  • Location push
  • HC Routing
  • Megaphone
  • Concert Mode
  • Customizable motor sounds
  • Theft/Tow/Fall detection
  • Geo and time fencing
  • Take-me-home lights
  • Auto turn-off indicators
  • Ride and Energy Stats
  • Call Filter
  • Biometric unlock
  • Widgets
  • Dark Mode
  • Scooter locator