Planning To Buy New Motorcycle, Scooter This Festive Season? Buy Like A Pro, With These Tips!

Planning To Buy New Motorcycle, Scooter This Festive Season? Buy Like A Pro, With These Tips!

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 4 Oct 2023

Here’s how you can avail the best possible deal on a motorcycle or scooter and make its purchase a convenient process during the upcoming festive season.

  • Set a budget range with the maximum possible limit for spending for the desired two-wheeler.
  • Explore all the options falling under your budget, and shortlist the best ones that suit your preferences and requirements.
  • Have a first-hand experience of your selected model by checking it out at a dealership and taking its test ride before buying it.
  • Avail of all the possible discounts and benefits on the motorcycle or scooter you wish to purchase, and compare multiple insurance and financing deals.

Being the largest market for two-wheelers, India is a country where a motorcycle or scooter is considered more of a necessity than leisure. Most people in India also buy a new two-wheeler during the special occasion of the festive season. This duration usually begins in September with Ganesh Chaturthi and remains live till the end of Diwali in the second half of a calendar year.

Considering the auspiciousness of the festive season, many countrymen bring a new vehicle to their homes, thus adding more joy to their celebrations. Even automotive brands go the extra mile by offering a wide range of discounts and special schemes so that buying a new vehicle becomes an easier deal.

However, there are times when a new two-wheeler buyer is not fully aware of the benefits offered on a motorcycle or scooter he wishes to purchase, as a result of which he is unable to avail all the possible benefits. Here, we have come up with a detailed analysis of how to buy a new two-wheeler during the festive season and what elements you should consider while doing so:

Step 1: Plan your budget

India is a country, where the depth of a pocket is prioritized before the actual usability and desirability. A chunk of the two-wheeler buying audience in India is middle-class buyers who keep the economy and a set budget as the top-most priority before buying a new motorcycle or scooter.

Fortunately, the Indian two-wheeler market has something to offer for every type of budget requirement. While you can have an entry-level 100-110cc scooter or motorcycles like Honda Activa or Hero Splendor for basic commuting, you can even go for a full-fledged liter-class superbike like a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R if you desire it. It eventually boils down to the budget – how much money you wish to spend on a two-wheeler.

So, before buying a new two-wheeler, you must set a budget to avoid unnecessary spending, hassles, and financial instability. It will allow you to have a pre-decided range, within which only you can explore a model suiting your preferences the most.

Step 2: Deciding a model

Once you plan out a budget by deciding the upper limit of money you can spend on a two-wheeler, you should start charting down all the models that fall below that price mark. After that, based on your preferences and requirements, you can select the options that suit them.

Want a basic-level means of daily commuting? Go for an entry-level 100-110cc scooter or motorcycle, something like a TVS Jupiter or Bajaj Platina. Want to make your commuting more stylish, faster, and more exciting? opt for a 125-200cc scooter or motorcycle like TVS Ntorq, Yamaha Aerox, Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache, or Yamaha R15. 

Wish to experience the thrill of riding a fast motorcycle? Explore the various options of sports bikes belonging to 200cc or above categories, like the KTM Duke, Honda CBR650R, or a Royal Enfield motorcycle. It all eventually boils down after you set a budget and explore the options in it.

Step 3: Do a thorough research

After you boil down your choices, start studying more about the design and mechanical specifications of those models, along with other aspects like ownership costs, ease of maintenance, proximity to service centers, and brand value. Thanks to more exposure to the internet than ever before, you can now know much more about a desired motorcycle or scooter online, including studying its features and ownership reviews on reputed and trustworthy websites and online forums.

However, we strongly recommend you have a first-hand experience of your desired motorcycle or scooter by visiting the nearest dealerships of the brand you select. Have a closer inspection of the model, and test-ride it once before signing the dotted line on your chequeen. These simple steps will help you have a first-hand experience and know more about the riding ergonomics, power delivery, and riding dynamics of the motorcycle or scooter you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Comparison of deals

It is the last setup before taking your new desired two-wheeler home. Once you finalize the motorcycle or scooter you wish to purchase, discuss all the offers, discounts, and schemes offered on it, if any. Most of the two-wheelers are offered with added benefits during the festive season, so discuss them with the sales personnel at the concerned dealership.

In addition, try to save more money by comparing the insurance costs across various platforms. Insurance policies are relatively more expensive at dealerships, but at the time of availing any claim, they prove to be the most convenient. Also, explore all the possible and best financing options, if you are willing to buy the scooter or motorcycle on a loan with the least interest rates offered to you.