Plug Into Excitement: Top 5 Details About the Gogoro Cross  Over GX250 Electric Scooter

Plug Into Excitement: Top 5 Details About the Gogoro Cross Over GX250 Electric Scooter

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 18 Dec 2023

Gogoro enters India with a bang, launching the feature-packed GX250 electric crossover scooter. This urban EV blends connectivity, comfort and 125 kmph top speed into a stylish package. Here's an early look at 5 key details buyers need to know.

  • Sleek crossover scooter styling with LED lighting and digital dash
  • Potent electric motor delivers 9 kW peak power and 125 kmph top speed
  • 26 liters storage plus DC fast charging for real world practicality

By fusing smart technology, zippy performance and essential features into their debut Indian offering, Gogoro looks to charge up the EV space in style. Let's uncover the top 5 details that set the cutting-edge CrossOver GX250 apart.

1. Sturdy Construction For Heavy Loading

Living up to its CrossOver nomenclature, the GX250 features a rugged build quality meant for intense daily use. At the core of its construction is a large tubular steel frame specially engineered to handle heavy cargo stress.

The heavy-duty frame in tandem with a flat loading deck gives the scooter impressive goods carrying capacity up to 200 kg. This enables small businesses to deploy it for making deliveries without excessive wear and tear.

2. Swappable Batteries For Extended Range

The CrossOver GX250 is equipped with not one but two removable 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery packs totaling 3.2 kWh capacity. The unique advantage for owners is the ability to swap depleted batteries mid-ride for a freshly charged set.

This architecture allows the scooter to cut downtime significantly through Gogoro’s swappable GoStations planned across metros. While range is rated at 111 km currently, more energy-dense batteries expected later will enhance it further.

3. Hub Motor Prioritizes Efficiency And Reliability

Unlike most electric scooters adopting mid-mounted motors, the CrossOver GX250 relies on a hub-mounted motor. Gogoro has chosen a 2.5 kW hub motor to drive the rear wheel efficiently with optimum space utilization.

Hub motors have proven to be more durable and energy-efficient over time versus mid-mounted setups in terms of heat and vibration management. Considering the GX250’s target customers, this engineering choice accentuates reliability and service costs.

4. Active Thermal Management For Battery Life

The swappable lithium-ion batteries powering the crossover come equipped with active liquid cooling technology. This specialized thermal management circulates coolant to prevent the cells from excessive heating.

Regulating battery temperatures even during rapid-charging or heavy loads translates to longevity benefits. Well-tempered battery packs degrade slower and last over 1,500 charge cycles while staying safe.

5. Priority Availability For Commercial Buyers

As part of a phased launch plan, Gogoro is prioritizing the availability of the CrossOver GX250 over its other models in India. The company wants to focus on getting traction within B2B and last-mile delivery segments first.

Accordingly, interested commercial buyers can order the crossover currently via the company’s website before deliveries expected over the next few weeks. On the other hand, private consumers may have to wait until mid-2024 to purchase Gogoro scooters.

SpecsGogoro Crossover Variants
Motor PowerGX250: 2.5 kW / Crossover 50: 5 kW / Crossover SGX250: 6.4 kW or 7 kW
Top SpeedGX250: 60 km/h / Crossover 50: TBD /Crossover SGX250: TBD
Battery CapacityAll variants: Dual swappable 1.6 kWh batteries /Total capacity: 3.2 kWh
RangeGX250: 111 km/ Crossover 50: TBD / Crossover SGX250: TBD
Charging TimeTBD
BrakesDisc brakes on both wheels
SuspensionTelescopic fork (front) / Twin shock absorbers (rear)
Wheels14-inch alloy wheels
Payload Capacity200 kg
Ground Clearance176 mm
FrameTubular steel frame
FeaturesSwappable batteries, Cargo loading, Liquid cooling for batteries

Gogoro Makes A Smart Start With CrossOver GX250

Gogoro seems to have charted a smart India entry strategy with the commercial CrossOver GX250. The crossover’s rugged build and swappable batteries make it a versatile mobility solution for businesses aiming to electrify fleets.

As a pioneer in battery swapping infrastructure globally, Gogoro already has a headstart over rivals on that front. While the crossover’s pricing remains key, its eco-friendly credentials give it an edge among earth-conscious companies.

If the initial response to the CrossOver GX250 proves positive, it has the ingredients to emerge as a sustainably attractive proposition. Given Gogoro’s technological strengths, the crossover could fast establish itself as an instrumental catalyst in India’s electric mobility ambitions.