Reimagining Cruisers: MX Moto M16 Rides in With Futuristic Style and Electric Power

Reimagining Cruisers: MX Moto M16 Rides in With Futuristic Style and Electric Power

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 Mar 2024

The MX Moto M16 electric cruiser breaks cover this year with radical styling and advanced electric drivetrain. 

  • Futuristic design language and LED lighting create a striking visual signature
  • Potent electric motor offers peppy performance and 150 km range
  • Smart connectivity features like geofencing, remote diagnostics and more
  • Ultra-fast charging replenishes battery in just 40 minutes

Blending green credentials and smart technology with head-turning looks, the MX Moto M16 could kickstart an electric revolution on two wheels. Here are the top highlights of this e-cruiser.

Motor8 kW Electric Motor
Battery4 kWh Lithium-ion, Swappable
Range100-150 km
Top Speed100 kph
Charging Time40 mins (Fast Charging) / 6 hours (Regular)
Power ModesEco / City / Sport
Tyres110/80 R18 (Front) / 140/70 R17 (Rear)
Estimated PriceRs 1.98 lakh

Electric Mobility Gets Stylish

The MX Moto M16 combines futuristic styling cues with cruiser appeal. The angular LED headlamp, stubby front fender, chopped rear fender and exposed metal frame shout novelty. The superbike-inspired design makes going electric seem ultra-cool.

Potent Electric Drivetrain for Zipping Around

An 8 kW electric motor powers the M16 with energy supplied by a compact, swappable 4 kWh Lithium-ion battery. The motor churns out torque instantly for brisk acceleration - 0 to 50 kph in just 4 seconds. Top speed is rated at 100 kph. The range is a handy 100-150 km on a full charge.

Smart Tech for an Intuitive Riding Experience

The M16 comes loaded with smart features accessed via the digital display. These include touchscreen controls, 4G connectivity, geofencing, remote diagnostics and even a reverse assist function. Bluetooth lets you sync your phone and headset. Automatic updates ensure the system stays at the cutting edge.

Ultra-Fast Charging for Minimal Downtime

Recharging the swappable battery pack is a quick 40-minute job thanks to MX Moto’s fast charging system. So you have minimal downtime between rides. At home, the battery can be charged fully overnight through a regular socket in 6 hours.

Safety Kit Includes ABS, CBS and Theft Alarm

Safety is duly considered in the M16. It is equipped with single-channel ABS for safe braking. Combi Braking augments control while regenerative braking recovers kinetic energy and scrubs speed. Theft detection system and find my vehicle function offer security.

Smart Keyless Ignition for Keyless Convenience

The M16 does away with a conventional key ignition. It uses an intelligent key fob that enables seamless keyless operation. As long as you have the fob in your pocket, you can lock/unlock the vehicle and start it with the press of a button. Tampering sets off an alarm.

Customisable Ride Modes

The M16 offers three customisable riding modes - Eco, City and Sport. These change the power delivery, acceleration and top speed to suit conditions and your mood. For example, Eco mode maximises range while City mode allows maximal regeneration to take advantage of stop-start traffic.

Premium Cycle Parts for Composed Handling

Upgraded underpinnings like chunky USD forks, rear monoshock and fat Pirelli tyres allow confident handling and stability. The 110-section front and 140-section rear tyre bite well on tarmac. ABS-backed disc brakes on both ends enable strong, controlled stopping power.

Extended Warranty for Worry-Free Ownership

MX Moto provides a standard 2 year/20,000 km warranty on the M16. This can be extended up to 5 years, clearly signalling faith in the product. Fast chargers and swappable batteries will be available across the company’s dealership network for support.

Exciting Launch Offerings Likely

MX Moto will likely offer exciting launch schemes like discounted intro pricing, cashback or complimentary accessories to create a buzz around the M16. Customised paint options could also be made available. Bookings are open and launch is expected in March 2024.