Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories Detailed

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Accessories Detailed

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 30 Jan 2024

Touring, comfort and even protection, the Classic 350 has a LOT of accessories to choose from

  • The touring windscreen is the biggest visual accessory
  • If you want to make your Classic touring friendly, the hard panniers will be useful for you
  • For extra comfort, the brand offers backrests, different footpegs and even custom seats

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has served as a blank canvas for custom motorcycle builders for numerous years in India and worldwide. With the new Classic 350, Royal Enfield continues this tradition by providing a range of accessories to customize and personalise the motorcycle.

The list of accessories Royal Enfield offers for the new Classic 350 encompasses various aspects, including bodywork, protection, and comfort. Here's an in-depth exploration of the accessories available for the 2023 Classic 350.

Touring Windscreen:

Commencing with the most prominent visual accessory, the touring windscreen is priced at Rs 3,950. This tall windscreen effectively shields the rider's face and chest from wind, also providing some degree of weather protection.

Now if you intend to go touring on your Classic 350, the touring windscreen is something we highly recommend. For starters, it helps reduce buffeting significantly and will ensure that you’re a lot less tired on those days when you’re out on the highway for long hours. And secondly, it also ensures that the debris that might fly at you from under the tyres of other vehicles do not hit you directly, something that has been a dangerous thing for bikers in the past. So yes, if long distance touring is something you do regularly or even intend to do, the windscreen is a no brainer. 


A crucial addition is the Tripper navigation system offered by Royal Enfield, priced at Rs 5,000. This navigation system conveniently mounts beside the speedometer on the motorcycle.

Turn-by-turn navigation is an invaluable feature, especially for those who travel around a fair bit. And given how simple Royal Enfield consoles usually are, we would definitely recommend you to invest your money in this accessory if touring is on your mind. Having turn by turn navigation on the screen just makes things a lot simpler as you can just have a quick glance at it and then resume your full attention back on the road. And all this extra convenience at just Rs 5,000 means it’s a bit of a steal deal. 


Considering practicality for daily commutes, Royal Enfield offers a hard pannier that securely mounts on the side of the motorcycle, priced at Rs 2,350. Additionally, the company provides a waterproof inner liner for the pannier, available at Rs 1,150.


Enhancing rider comfort, Royal Enfield provides options such as seats, backrests, and wider footpeg choices. In contrast to the touring seat offered with the 650 range, the Classic 350 features a black cover for the seat, priced at Rs 1,200, a pillion backrest pad at Rs 1,050, and deluxe pegs for the rider and pillion, costing Rs 2,650 per pair.

Now if you intend to ride with a pillion a fair bit, pillion backrests are another investment that would be a no brainer in our opinion. Pillions are just a lot more comfortable with such backrests and will experience a lot less fatigue over longer periods in the saddle sitting behind the rider. And another reason is given the sheer amount of torque Royal Enfield bikes have, with every twist of the wrist, such backrests ensure that the pillion will not slide back and fall off the seat. Trust us, it is something you should keep in mind, something even some of our riders have experienced before. 

Crash Protection:

Royal Enfield offers an extensive selection of crash bars for the Classic 350, available in either black or chrome finishes. The crash guards are priced between Rs 2,950 and Rs 4,500.

Now this is a no brainer investment no matter what you do with your bike. Indian roads are very unpredictable so it never harms to have that extra bit of protection for your bike and its engine. 

Sump Guard:

In line with all Enfield models, the Classic 350 provides a variety of sump guards, available in silver or black finishes. The silver sump guard is priced at Rs 3,100, while the black version costs Rs 3,300.


Has Royal Enfield missed the mark with the creation of the new Classic 350? We firmly believe they haven't. The brand has successfully modernized the key aspects of the Classic, addressing the minor issues present in the previous generation. Remarkably, they achieved this without compromising the essence of what the Classic 350 represents – an easygoing, old-school British single that seamlessly fits into the 21st century. 

This adaptation is likely to resonate not only with Royal Enfield purists but also has the potential to attract a new wave of riders who may have previously steered clear of the Classic. For those concerned about reliability, Royal Enfield's experience in refining the new J platform with the Meteor provides additional assurance for Classic 350 buyers.