Royal Enfield Introduces Used RE Bike Platform ‘Reown’

Royal Enfield Introduces Used RE Bike Platform ‘Reown’

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 6 Dec 2023

Royal Enfield has launched an official used motorcycle program, making certified and serviced pre-owned models available through their dealerships for the first time. This brings savings, warranty, and service support when buying second-hand RE bikes.

  • The program certifies proper inspection, service, and refurbishment of used Royal Enfields before sale.
  • The official used RE bikes come with a 1-year warranty and roadside assistance for added peace of mind.
  • Savings of 20-40% can be realized over new model prices through the pre-owned program.

By providing an authorized resale channel with certified refurbishment, warranty, and servicing support, Royal Enfield aims to organize the previously scattered used bike space. This brings confidence for buyers seeking savings on purchasing pre-enjoyed retro classics or modern RE motorcycles.

How It Works

The used motorcycle program was initially launched at 150 select Royal Enfield dealerships in the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai. More locations will be added in phases over the coming months.

To be certified, pre-owned Royal Enfield bikes undergo over 65 quality checks including mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic aspects. Any required service or part replacements are also completed.

The bikes are then graded from excellent to good based on age, condition, and previous ownership history. Each option displays pricing along with inspection and rebuild details.

Warranty & Service Support

One major benefit over private purchases is an official 1-year warranty and 24x7 roadside assistance on all used Royal Enfield bikes sold through the program.

The bikes continue to be serviced through Royal Enfield workshops, with the availability of genuine spares and resultantly higher resale value retention.

For added convenience, buyers can opt for Easy Start and Easy Ride monthly payment plans along with flexible tenure options of up to 5 years for financing. Home test rides are also offered before purchase.

Savings Over New Bikes

By purchasing an officially certified and refurbished pre-owned model rather than a new one, buyers enjoy excellent value. Depending on age and model, savings between 20-40% are realizable over the latest-variant new Royal Enfield bike prices.

For example, a 2 to 3-year-old Classic 350 in good condition can be purchased at around ₹1.45 lakh compared to ₹2 lakh for a new one. Similar proportional savings apply across the Bullet, Classic, Meteor, and other modern RE ranges.

Additionally, the company has partnered with well-known institutions like HDFC & IDFC to facilitate the creation of loans for customers, giving them access to appealing financing choices. This further improves affordability.

Demand & Growth Projections

In recent years, demand for used premium motorcycles including Royal Enfields has seen strong growth of 15-20% annually. Higher prices of new models are a contributing factor.

By streamlining the pre-owned purchase experience through official certification and dealer networks, Royal Enfield expects to capture a higher share of this demand.

Used motorcycle contribution to Royal Enfield’s total sales is expected to cross 10% in the next three years. Improved resale value may also boost new vehicle sales as confidence regarding future trade-in value rises.


Royal Enfield’s official used motorcycle program brings numerous benefits over individual pre-owned purchases for buyers seeking to ride home savings on owning these iconic bikes.

From thorough inspection and rebuild processes to extended warranty and service support, the company has introduced several measures to organize the previously unstructured used RE motorcycle space in India.

As the reach of the pre-owned program expands further, it looks set to capture the double-digit growth being witnessed in this segment while opening up affordable options for aspiring Royal Enfield owners nationwide. For more details check the buyer guide available on the Reown Royal Enfield site.