Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Accessories List Here

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Accessories List Here

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 30 Jan 2024

The touring accessories are mainly divided into two categories

  • And that is dependent on if you want to tour solo or with a pillion
  • In our opinion, the touring seat is definitely worth it if you intend to spend long hours in the saddle
  • Passenger backrests are a must if you intend to have a pillion as well

Cruisers, particularly substantial and robust ones, are explicitly intended to be equipped with accessories, especially those catering to touring, as these bikes are genuinely designed to cover long distances. This trend was initiated by Harley Davidson in the past but is currently being upheld by Royal Enfield

So, if you own the formidable Royal Enfield cruiser, specifically the Super Meteor 650, here's a list of the accessories available for you to choose from:

Accessory  Price
Touring screenRs 2,500
Silver solo finisherRs 3,000
Silver airflyRs 5,500
Silver sumpguard Rs 3,450
Black compact engine guardsRs 4,500
Silver compact engine guardsRs 4,500
Bar end mirror mountsRs 650
Silver handlebar clampRs 1,950
Silver LED indicators Rs 4,750
Black duffle bagRs 6,500
Black touring mirrors Rs 6,850
Black bar end mirrorsRs 6,450
Deluxe rider footpegsRs 2,650
Deluxe pillion footpegsRs 2,650
Black bar end finishersRs 1,100
Passenger backrest mountsRs 3,950
Black sumpguardRs 3,450

The motorcycle exhibits an appealing appearance, especially in the available colourways. However, what if the standard Super Meteor 650 doesn't meet your expectations? Well, as is the case with most recent Royal Enfields, the Super Meteor 650 comes with a range of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, or GMAs, as the company terms them. Below is the official list of accessories for the new Super Meteor 650 that you can select.

The accessories kits are categorised into two segments – Solo Tourer and Grand Tourer. As implied by the names, Solo Tourer is designed for the solo rider, featuring a single seat and a luggage rack over the rear fender. This pack also includes bar end mirrors, deluxe foot pegs (essentially larger than standard ones), machined wheels, and LED indicators.

Conversely, the Grand Tourer kit, true to its name, transforms the bike into a more touring-focused machine than the standard Super Meteor 650. Accessories in the Grand Touring kit comprise a touring handlebar, touring windscreen, deluxe foot pegs, and a touring dual seat. The dual seat is essentially wider and more contoured, offering enhanced comfort compared to the standard one during extended journeys. A practical backrest for the pillion is also included. Other items on the list encompass LED indicators and thoughtfully designed panniers for convenient luggage transport.

Touring Windscreen:

If you're planning to embark on a touring adventure with your Super Meteor 650, the touring windscreen comes highly recommended. Firstly, it significantly reduces buffeting, ensuring you feel less fatigued during those long hours on the highway. Secondly, it serves as a shield against debris that may be propelled towards you from under the tyres of other vehicles—a potential hazard for bikers in the past. Therefore, if long-distance touring is a regular occurrence or part of your plans, opting for the windscreen is a logical choice.


Turn-by-turn navigation proves to be an invaluable feature, especially for frequent travellers. Considering the straightforward nature of Royal Enfield consoles, investing in this accessory is a wise move if touring is in your plans. Having turn-by-turn navigation on the screen simplifies the journey, allowing you to glance at it quickly and then focus your attention back on the road. With all this added convenience priced at just Rs 5,000, it's indeed a steal.


For those planning to ride with a pillion regularly, investing in pillion backrests is a no-brainer. Such backrests enhance the comfort for pillions, reducing fatigue during extended periods in the saddle behind the rider. Another crucial aspect is the substantial torque of Royal Enfield bikes.

possess—backrests ensure that the pillion remains secure on the seat with every twist of the wrist. Trust us, it's something worth considering, as some of our riders have experienced before. In sum, such sturdy backrests will ensure that the pillion doesn’t move around a lot and feels nice and locked in even if you ride the bike hard. 

Crash Protection:

Investing in crash protection is a no-brainer, regardless of how you use your bike. Indian roads are highly unpredictable, so having that additional layer of protection for your bike and its engine is always a wise decision. And no, crash protection doesn’t necessarily come into play when you have a crash. Heck, even if you are peacefully riding your Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 in the city, a small stone deflected off the tyre of a truck or a car could dent your bike up or even hit and cause damage to the engine. 

And given how heavy the Super Meteor 650 is, it’s only understandable if you end up dropping it while riding. So even then, the big engine guards will come into play and ensure that the engine faces no harm.