Swap Your Old Ride for New: 7 Key Things About India's First EV Exchange Program

Swap Your Old Ride for New: 7 Key Things About India's First EV Exchange Program

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 21 Dec 2023

Pure EV pushes electric mobility further with its first-of-its-kind vehicle exchange initiative. It lets owners swap old ICE vehicles for new electric models with buyback assurance and more. Here's what it means for India's EV landscape.

  • Assured buybacks on old petrol vehicles when purchasing Pure EVs
  • Discounted pricing on Pure EV's e-scooters and e-cycles
  • Convenient doorstep evaluation and transfer of old vehicles
  • Extended warranty options on new EVs purchased via exchange

As the EV segment picks up speed, such exchange programs can accelerate adoption by making new electric vehicles more affordable. Let's check out the top 7 things that make Pure EV's plan so important.

SpecificationsPure EV Epluto 7G
Electric motor2.2 kW
Top speed60 kmph
Acceleration (0-40 kmph)5 seconds
Battery rating2.5 kWh
Maximum riding range120 km
Charging time4 hours

Assured Buybacks

The key highlight is assured buybacks on old petrol or diesel two-wheelers when purchasing new Pure EVs. Based on vehicle condition, owners are guaranteed a minimum buyback value between INR 5,000-15,000. This gives them peace of mind when swapping to electric.

Special Discounted Pricing

Pure EV is offering special discounted prices exclusive to customers exchanging old vehicles. Depending on the EV model, discounts between INR 3,000-5,000 are being extended. This makes their e-scooters and e-cycles more affordable.

Free Doorstep Support

Pure EV will arrange free pick-up and evaluation of old 2-wheelers from the customer's doorstep. The ownership transfer documentation formalities will also be facilitated at home, minimizing hassles.

Extended Warranty

An extended 2-year warranty will be offered on new Pure EVs purchased under this exchange program. This covers owners beyond the standard 1-year warranty period.

Easy Financing

Pre-approved finance from partners allows customers to avail of easy loans on new EVs. Pure EV promises to facilitate financing, with minimal documentation and processing fees on such exchange deals.

Pan-India Applicability

This exchange scheme by Pure EV has pan-India applicability. Interested customers from any city/town can exchange their old ICE 2-wheelers when buying Pure EVs anywhere in India.

Multiple EV Options

Customers can choose from Pure EV's range of electric scooters and electric cycles when exchanging old vehicles. Highlights include the Entrance Neo and Epluto 7G e-scooters, and Neoguri Super and Auro electric cycles.

Take Away

Pure EV's unprecedented electric mobility exchange program promises to give India's EV revolution a turbo boost. Encouraging owners to become EV pioneers, steers us faster towards electric as the future of mobility.

With assured buybacks, exclusive discounts, and simplified processes, this first-of-its-kind EV exchange scheme checks all the right boxes. As India gears up for an electric transport overhaul, such initiatives may well pave the way forward.

So ditch your polluting petrol rides and roll out electric with Pure EV today! Their exchange offer combined with eco-friendly EVs equals a roadmap for sustainable change.