Top 5 Cheapest Bikes In India Starting From Under Rs 55,000

Top 5 Cheapest Bikes In India Starting From Under Rs 55,000

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jun 01, 2023

There are two Hero bikes that make to the list of 5, featuring enticing price label. 

  • The listed inexpensive commuter bikes are also highin fuel mileage.
  • Four out of the five bikes are from Indian manufacturers.
  • The only non-Indian bike in this list is the Honda Shine 100.

Honda recently introduced the Shine 100, its first product in the extremely popular 100cc commuter market. It also became one of the most reasonably priced motorcycles in the nation as a result. The top 5 most affordable bikes that are currently being sold in India are listed below in reverse order. 

#1) Bajaj Platina 100 - Rs 67,475

The Platina 100 is the most affordable motorbike made by Bajaj and ranks fifth in terms of price on our market. Powered by a 102cc engine using Bajaj's renowned DTS-i technology, it is the only bike in this group without fuel injection and instead employs the company's e-carb. The motor outperforms all of its 100cc competitors with outputs of 7.9hp and 8.3Nm. Platina stands out in this market because of its LED DRL.

All in all, the Bajaj Platina 100 is significantly better than its predecessor. It offers the convenience of a self-start, a peppier engine, better tyres, and greatly enhanced handling. It will also be simple and inexpensive to operate and maintain, just like all Bajaj bikes. 

However, because the motor has been tweaked to respond to throttle input more quickly and deliver the appropriate power swiftly, the fuel efficiency number has been forced to significantly decline, bringing it closer to the 70 kmpl threshold. It is hence, still among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles on the market right now in the nation.

#2) Honda Shine 100 - Rs 64,900 

The newest member of this list comes in at number four. Despite being a basic motorbike, the Honda Shine 100 comes equipped with features including an auto choke system and a side-stand engine cut-off. Additionally, it is the only motorcycle on this list so far that complies with OBD-2A and is E20 compatible. Its 99.7cc, 7.61hp, 8.05Nm, electric starter-equipped engine is what makes it the most affordable self-start motorcycle in the nation.

When it comes to lightweight, manoeuvrable commuters, the Honda Shine checks all the appropriate boxes. Honda has a reputation for having poor pricing, however the Shine 100's price has been kept exactly where it should be. Its reception in the market remains to be seen. However, the fact that it has the same name as the most popular 125cc bike should at least somewhat assist. 

#3) TVS Sport - Rs 61,500 onwards

The TVS Sport is the third most cheap motorcycle in the nation despite having a little larger engine than the other bikes on this list at 109.7cc. That is for the standard model, which has a kick starter; prices for self-start models can reach Rs 69,873. Because of its larger displacement, the Sport is able to produce 8.3 horsepower and 8.7 Nm.

#4) Hero HF Deluxe - Rs 61,232 onwards

Hero MotoCorp is without a doubt the market leader in the 100cc segment, and one of the bikes that contributes to this success is the well-liked HF Deluxe. The storied 97cc "Sloper" engine is still in production today and is equipped with Hero's i3S stop-start system. Similar to the TVS Sport, the better versions have an electric starting whereas the lower versions have kick starters.

#5) Hero HF100 - Rs 54,962

The Hero HF 100 takes the cake of being India's most cheap motorcycle because to its extreme simplicity. It has the same 97cc engine as the HF Deluxe, generating 8 horsepower and 8.05 pound-feet of torque, but does not have i3S stop-start technology. Additionally, there is only one variant with only a kick-starter available.

If you’re shocked about the Hero Splendour, a classic cult, not being on this list, well it’s actually the most expensive 100cc commuter currently offered in India, with prices ranging from Rs 72,420 to Rs 74,710. However, its long history of dependability aids in its ability to maintain strong sales.

Depending on where you are in the country, this list may or may not look the same due to regional price variations. For instance, the TVS Radeon is Rs 11,000 more expensive in Mumbai than it is in Delhi.