Top 5 Cheapest Yet Reliable Electric Scooters On Sale In India

Top 5 Cheapest Yet Reliable Electric Scooters On Sale In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 May 2024

The Ola S1 X is one of India’s cheapest electric scooters 

  • The Ampere Magnus EX has also been an affordable scooter for quite a while now
  • TVS’ electric scooter, the iQube, has always impressed us with its range and reliability 
  • Another scooter on this list is the Bounce Infinity 

Doubtful that affordability and reliability can go hand in hand? These five electric scooters are here to shatter that misconception, offering both economical pricing and dependable performance. Let's delve into each of them:

Ola S1 X:

ModelOla S1 X
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 69,999 onwards 

The newest addition to OLA Electric's lineup, the S1X, arrives in two variants, boasting ex-showroom prices starting from just Rs 69,999. The base model packs a 2 kWh battery, while its high-end counterpart, the S1X+, ramps it up to 3 kWh. With features like smart connectivity and keyless unlock, the S1X+ elevates the riding experience. Accelerating from 0 to 40 kmph in a swift 3.3 seconds, this scooter impresses with its performance prowess.

Ampere Magnus EX:

ModelAmpere Magnus EX
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 93,900

Ampere Magnus EX stands out as one of India's top-selling electric scooters, armed with front and rear mechanical drum brakes, side stand sensors, and telescopic suspension. It's equipped with a combined braking system and can reach 0-40 kmph in just 10 seconds. Offering removable batteries and a 60V, 7.5A Li charger, it ensures convenience along with a riding range of 80 to 100 km.

TVS iQube:

ModelTVS iQube
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 1,36,628 onwards

Benefitting from FAME-II subsidies, the TVS iQube comes at a discounted price, powered by an electric motor delivering up to 4.4 kW of power. Featuring 2 Li-ion IP67-rated battery packs, it promises robust on-road performance. Boasting a smart LED headlight and 32 litres of storage capacity, it's a smart choice for urban commuters.

Catering to family needs, the TVS iQube S emerges as a practical choice, blending functional features with adaptable performance. Despite its modest range and top speed relative to competitors, the iQube S prioritizes rider comfort and ease of use, making it an appealing option for riders of varying ages and expertise levels. 

What really stands out on the iQube is the motor. It is a very torquey one and even when the battery levels are low, it simply restricts the top speed instead of cutting down on the power delivery. So while the rapid acceleration is still there, you might only be able to reach a top speed of about 40kmph, when the battery percentages are very low. And that is not a bad thing, in fact it is something we quite like. 

Okinawa PraisePro:

ModelOkinawa PraisePro
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 99,645 

Okinawa PraisePro packs a punch with its 2.08 kWh detachable Lithium-ion battery and peak power output of 2700 W. With a top speed of 56 kmph and a riding range of 81 km, it offers both performance and practicality. Loaded with features like E-ABS controller, hydraulic telescopic suspension, and Motor Walking Assistance, it ensures a comfortable and secure ride.

While not claiming the throne as the premier electric scooter in India, Okinawa holds its ground admirably, offering widespread availability across the nation at a reasonable price of Rs 99,645 (ex-showroom Delhi). The pivotal question remains: can it withstand the daily grind? Despite some compromises, as long as you acknowledge and embrace them, it proves to be a dependable daily companion. So while it would not exactly impress you a whole lot with its performance, the PraisePro is quite a decently reliable scooter and if you want a no-nonsense commuter, it can be a good choice. 

Bounce Infinity E1+:

ModelBounce Infinity E1+ 
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 70,999 onwards 

Crafted for Indian roads, the Bounce Infinity E1+ stands out as an affordable yet reliable option. Available in 8 vibrant colour options with customizable skins, it offers a plug-in home charging dock for added convenience. With a riding range exceeding 70 km and a top speed of 65 kmph, it's a promising contender in the electric scooter market.

In essence, the Infinity E1 presents itself as an excellent urban commuter, boasting an extensive feature set and enjoyable riding dynamics, albeit with limitations on highway stretches. Although the actual range warrants confirmation in due course, the standout feature of this scooter lies in its charging and ownership flexibility, alongside Bounce's commitment to a robust swapping infrastructure. While lacking the outright performance and range of its counterparts, the Bounce offers the convenience of home charging or subscription-based swapping programs. Positioned as a viable option for the average rider, it may suit the needs of many. However, for those in a similar position, it might be prudent to await the full operationalization of Bounce's swapping network.

These electric scooters not only redefine affordability but also uphold reliability, proving that you don't have to compromise one for the other.