Top 5 Costliest Bikes Offered In India

Top 5 Costliest Bikes Offered In India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jul 04, 2023

The cost of the first bike in this list could even get you a house! 

  • Prices for the Kawasaki Ninja H2R begin from a mind-bending Rs 79.90 lakh.
  • The least expensive bike on this list will cost you Rs 35 lakh.
  • The Indian Roadmaster occupies a neat middle spot among all the other bikes.

Numerous distinguished manufacturers such as BMW, Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, and Harley-Davidson have made a name for themselves by creating premium motorcycles that incorporate the latest available technologies, aiming to deliver unrivalled comfort, innovation, and speed. 

These companies go above and beyond to craft each bike as a work of art, resulting in high starting prices for these exquisite machines. Recognizing the untapped potential of the Indian two-wheeler industry, many of these companies have introduced super-expensive and exotic bikes to cater to the market. Let's take a closer look at the top five most expensive motorcycles available in India:

   1.Kawasaki Ninja H2R: Rs 79.90 lakh 

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a truly extraordinary motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of performance and technology. It is a track-focused powerhouse designed to deliver mind-boggling speed, exhilaration, and aerodynamic excellence.

SpecificationsKawasaki Ninja H2R
Engine999cc supercharged engine
Maximum power326PS
Maximum torque141Nm
Front Wheel120/70-17
Rear Wheel200/55-17
Standout FeatureMost powerful production motorcycle in the world

At the heart of the Ninja H2R lies its remarkable engine, a supercharged 998cc inline-four powerplant. This supercharger, developed by Kawasaki's aerospace division, provides an immense amount of forced induction, resulting in unparalleled power output. The numbers are astonishing – with Ram Air, the H2R produces an incredible 326 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful production motorcycles available.

   2.BMW M 1000 RR: Rs 42 lakh onwards

The BMW M 1000 RR is a high-performance sport motorcycle that combines BMW's engineering expertise with the performance enhancements from their renowned M division. It is an exceptional track-focused machine that offers impressive power, advanced aerodynamics, and cutting-edge technology.

SpecificationsBMW M 1000 RR
Engine999cc engine
Maximum power212PS
Maximum torque113Nm
Front Wheel120/70-ZR17
Rear Wheel190/55-ZR17
Standout FeatureA lot of carbon fibre bits

At the heart of the M 1000 RR beats a 999cc inline-four engine that delivers exhilarating performance. It produces 212 horsepower, providing thrilling acceleration and top-end power. The engine is designed for optimal power delivery throughout the rev range, ensuring exceptional performance on both the straights and corners of the racetrack.

   3.Indian Roadmaster: Rs 43 lakh onwards

The Indian Roadmaster is a flagship touring motorcycle from Indian Motorcycle, known for its commanding presence, luxurious features, and exceptional comfort. Designed for long-distance cruising and touring adventures, it offers a combination of classic styling, modern technology, and impressive performance.

SpecificationsIndian Roadmaster
Engine1890cc engine
Maximum powerNA
Maximum torque171Nm 
Front Wheel130/60-19
Rear Wheel180/60-16
Standout FeatureIncredible Comfort

As a touring motorcycle, the Roadmaster places a strong emphasis on convenience and storage capacity. It offers an abundance of weatherproof storage space, typically totaling around 140 liters, distributed among various compartments. This allows riders to carry their luggage, gear, and personal belongings with ease, making it an ideal choice for extended trips or carrying essentials on the road.

   4.Honda Goldwing Tour: Rs 37.20 lakh onwards

The Honda Goldwing Tour is an iconic touring motorcycle that has gained a reputation for its exceptional comfort, advanced features, and impressive performance. It represents Honda's flagship touring model, designed to provide an unmatched riding experience for long-distance journeys.

SpecificationsHonda Goldwing Tour
Engine1833cc engine
Maximum power126PS
Maximum torque170Nm
Front Wheel130/70-R18
Rear Wheel200/55-R16
Standout FeatureEven gets a reverse gear!

Deviating from the V-twin layout, Honda equips it with a powerful 1,833cc flat-six engine producing 126hp and 170Nm of torque. The Goldwing Tour boasts a plethora of features, including an electrically adjustable windscreen, adjustable pillion backrest, cruise control, a 7.0-inch TFT display, and even Apple CarPlay. Its enormous 121-liter storage capacity ensures ample room for carrying personal belongings on any journey.

   5.Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special: Rs 35 lakh

In the absence of the CVO line-up, the Road Glide Special reigns as the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson's offerings in India, boasting a price tag that reflects its status. Similar to the more affordable Street Glide, this motorcycle is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine controlled by RDRS electronics. 

SpecificationsHarley-Davidson Road Glide Special
Engine1868cc engine
Maximum power93.8PS
Maximum torque158Nm
Front Wheel130/60-19
Rear Wheel180/55-18
Standout FeatureLots of storage space

However, the Road Glide Special distinguishes itself with a frame-mounted fairing as opposed to the fork-mounted fairing on the Street Glide. Keyless operation adds to the sense of luxury, extending even to the saddlebags, which can be locked and unlocked with a single touch.