Top Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Accessories for Customisation

Top Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Accessories for Customisation

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jan 31, 2024

The ruggedly cool new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 scrambler roars into 2023 with vintage vibes. Accessorise this classic thumper to match your style with protective gear, stylish parts and functional upgrades.

  • Engine guards shield the Hunter 350's mill and your legs during falls.
  • Custom seats boost comfort during long days riding rough trails.
  • Auxiliary LED lights pierce the darkness when riding off-road at night.

The highly anticipated Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has been unleashed - a retro-styled scrambler ready to rally down dirt paths or cruise city streets. This latest Royal Enfield flaunts an approachable 373cc air-cooled single motor housed in a minimalist chassis with upswept exhaust.

To celebrate the Hunter 350's tantalizing blend of scrambler cool and urbane practicality, here are 16 must-have accessories. Customize your Hunter 350 to match your personality and riding style with protective gear, cosmetic touches and functional upgrades galore. Let's get your new baby Hunter looking sharp!

1. Engine Guard

These tough steel tubes or aluminum plates shield the Hunter 350's engine and your legs from damage during falls or accidents. They prevent smashed engine casings and potential burns from hot metal. Fork-mounted guards with integrated bodywork protectors are ideal.

2. Bash Plates

Fit skid plates beneath the engine, lower frame and exhaust header pipes to fend off obstacles when riding off-road. These armored plates prevent punctures or damage to key components from kicks, rocks and trail debris. Go aluminum for lightness.

3. Radiator Guard

A perforated steel mesh guard strapped over the Hunter 350's radiator prevents stone chips and foliage from damaging the delicate cooling fins. This cheap add-on protects a vital component vulnerable to off-road impacts.

4. Auxiliary LED Lights

Mounting extra LED spot or flood lamps powered by the Hunter 350's electrical system dramatically boosts illumination when riding at night, off-road or in foul weather. Choose compact LED pods with tough die-cast housings.

5. Smartphone Mount

Sturdy phone mounts like Quad Lock quickly attach to the Hunter 350's handlebar risers using vibration-isolating inserts. This keeps your smartphone secure for charging, GPS navigation and tunes on the go.

6. Luggage Rack

Rugged tubular steel or pressed aluminum racks extend over the rear fender to strap down soft saddlebags, bed rolls and camping gear for touring. Some include handy integrated bungee hooks for lashing baggage to the bike.

7. Saddle Stays/Carrier

Fabricated rear carriers bolt onto the Hunter 350's subframe to provide a sturdy luggage platform, backrest and grab handle for passengers. Pair with soft saddlebags for ample storage and comfort on long rides.

8. Rally Seat

Replacement saddles like Royal Enfield's Desert Storm Dual Touring Seat offer extra cushioning and support for you and your pillion. Enjoy enhanced comfort pounding tough trails or racking up highway miles.

9. Fly Screen

A small tinted plexiglass fly screen attaching to the regular headlamp casing deflects oncoming air to reduce buffeting at higher speeds. Choose sturdy laser-cut metal screens for off-road durability.

10. Skid Plate Footpegs

These wide serrated metal footpegs bolt directly to bash plates instead of the frame, providing extra grip and a rearward stance ideal for standing up off-road. Available in multiple peg angles.

11. Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust

Slip-on mufflers like the Fantic stainless steel unit replace the Hunter 350's heavy stock exhaust system with lighter hardware and a throatier exhaust note. Just bolt up and tune the fueling.

12. LED Turn Signals

Slim, bright LED front and rear turn signals replace the Hunter 350's standard bulky units while drawing less power. Choose sleek bar-end units or tiny high-visibility bullet flashers with unique sequential blinking.

13. Fork Gaiters

Prevent debris working into the Hunter's front suspension by installing rubber fork gaiters. These protective boots seal the gap between fork sliders and seals from water, dust and grit to prolong damping performance.

14. Engine Crash Bars

Full-width steel or aluminum engine cage bars wraparound the Hunter 350's block to shield it from serious side impacts. These rugged cages provide substantial protection from collisions during trail riding.

15. Aluminum Handguards

Strong and lightweight aluminum handguards with plastic deflectors shield the Hunter's clutch and brake levers from damage if you take a spill off-road. They also keep cold winds off your hands to reduce riding fatigue.

16. Grip Pads & Tank Protectors

Finally, apply clear vinyl grip pads to the Hunter's tank and side panels to prevent boot scuffs and abrasions. Tank pads guard the paint from zipper scratches, and their cushioning minimizes jarring feedback when riding off-road.

The spunky new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 scrambler arrives ready for customization and personalization straight from the showroom floor. Protect your investment while enhancing the bike's off-road chops and urban style with any of these 16 must-have accessories for the Hunter 350. Happy modding!