Upcoming Ampere NXG E-scooter: All Details Before Launch Here

Upcoming Ampere NXG E-scooter: All Details Before Launch Here

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Apr 02, 2024

From the teaser, we can see that the Ampere NXG will be quite a good looking scooter 

  • We think the Ampere NXG will get disc brakes at both ends 
  • Even the display will be a fully digital one: either an LCD unit or a TFT one
  • We think its price could begin from around the Rs 1.35 lakh mark (ex-showroom)

With its appealing aesthetics, anticipated affordability, inclusion of disc brakes, and a host of other features, the forthcoming Ampere NXG electric scooter promises an array of captivating elements to anticipate. For those in the market for a top-tier electric scooter, the Ampere NXG stands out as a model worth monitoring closely. Prior to its debut, here's a snapshot of key aspects you should take note of:

It’ll be a good looking scooter 

From what we can see in the teaser released by Ampere, the NXG electric scooter will definitely be one good-looking scooter. With its slightly sharp lines and curves, the scooter does seem to lean towards the sporty and aggressive side of things. 

And given that the other Ampere electric scooters are designed quite conservatively, it is only fair that Ampere now thinks about designing something that looks a bit more modern and something that will stand out in the crowd of rather bland-looking electric scooters. 

That said, it does not look too futuristic or aggressive like the Ather 450X or even the Ola S1 Pro. So if the aforementioned two scooters are a bit too much for you, you should definitely look out for the Ampere NXG. And Ampere also claims that its seat will be the biggest in its class. So if you are someone who travels with family, it would be perfect for you. 

Relatively premium kit

Designed for a smooth and comfortable ride, the Ampere NXG is equipped with a sophisticated suspension setup. This includes a telescopic fork at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear, ensuring stability and agility on various terrains.

Completing its dynamic appearance, the Ampere NXG rides on stylish 12-inch alloy wheels. Not only do these wheels enhance the overall look of the vehicle, but they also contribute to its performance and manoeuvrability on the road. While we would have preferred if Ampere went ahead with big wheels, like 14-inch units, 12-inch ones should be good as well. 

Fair bit of features

At the heart of the Ampere NXG's dashboard lies a large digital display, providing essential information to the rider at a glance. This advanced console is equipped with either an LCD or TFT unit, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. That said, we would prefer Ampere to give it a TFT unit for it to go up against its rivals well. The rivals include the Ather 450X, the Ola S1 Pro and the TVS iQube, all of which are electric scooters that are equipped with big TFT dashes. 


In sum, if you are looking for a relatively modern-looking scooter that is not too outrageously designed, the Ampere NXG electric scooter could be a great option for you. So we would suggest you to wait for it and then take a test ride of the same instead of making your decision hastily right now and then regret it later.