Upcoming Kinetic E-Luna: An Electric Moped for Personal & Business Needs

Upcoming Kinetic E-Luna: An Electric Moped for Personal & Business Needs

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Feb 05, 2024

Kinetic Green is set to launch its first electric moped, the E-Luna in 2024 which promises to deliver versatility and convenience for urban commuters.

  • Founder reveals key details about E-Luna's specifications and features in a recent interview
  • The moped will come with removable batteries, a digital cluster, a mobile app and accessories
  • Customisable seating and loading configurations to suit personal and business needs

The upcoming Made-in-India E-Luna marks Kinetic Green's foray into the rapidly growing electric two-wheeler space. In a recent interview, company founder and CEO Ms Sulajja Firodia Motwani disclosed several interesting details about the electric moped's specifications, battery, performance, features and customisation options. 

She confirmed that the E-moped is designed to offer both versatility and convenience to customers looking for an accessible electric mobility solution for urban commutes and short trips. With removable batteries, accessories and seating arrangements, the moped aims to deliver value across personal and business use cases. Kinetic E-Luna is due for launch in March this year.

MotorMid-mounted electric motor
Power2kW peak power
Top Speed50kmph
BatteryDetachable and swappable IP67-rated battery box
Battery Options1.5kWh LFP, 2kWh NMC, 3kWh NMC
Range80-110km for 2kWh battery
Charging TimeTBR
Launch DateMarch, 2024

Designed with the latest technology and customisation in mind

The E-Luna has been designed using the latest technology while keeping versatility and convenience in mind. The IP67-rated battery pack is thermal, weather and dust-proof and easily detached and swapped. The moped will have a digital instrument cluster and a connectivity app called KG Connect to track vehicle data.

The electric powertrain and battery options

The E-Luna will feature a mid-mounted electric motor with peak power output of 2kW enabling a top speed of 50kmh. Kinetic is also working on a 3kW motor variant with a 65-70kmph top speed. The moped will launch with a 2kWh LFP battery pack offering a certified range of 110km. But the modular under-seat battery box can fit 1.5kWh, 2kWh or 3kWh battery variants.

Performance, range and charging

The real-world range for the 2kWh version will be 80-110km based on driving mode - Eco, City or Sport. The 16-inch spoke wheels will have 180mm of ground clearance. Charging time and charging options will be shared closer to launch.

Customisable seating and loading configurations

The electric moped will be offered in single and double-seat configurations. The rear seat in the double-seat variant is removable to convert it into a goods carrier platform. Kinetic will also offer various custom accessories to modify the E-Luna into utility vehicles like a mobile pani puri stall, coffee vending machine, mobile momo stall etc. Visual customisations like graphics and stickers will also be on offer.

Availability of customisation options

The accessories and modifications will be available for purchase post the moped delivery. Customers can buy the E-Luna first and then customise it to their needs by purchasing separate accessories. The company will offer some ready packages while some mods will be provided on demand.

Designed for versatility and convenience

The E-Luna seems designed to serve as an accessible and affordable electric mobility solution for day-to-day urban commuting needs. The removable battery, ease of charging, mobile charging and connectivity features make it convenient. While the ability to customise it for personal or business needs makes it versatile. With the reliability of the Kinetic brand, the electric moped does promise to carve a niche in the urban electric two-wheeler space.