Updated Yamaha FZ Fi V4: What’s New?

Updated Yamaha FZ Fi V4: What’s New?

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 1 Dec 2023

The 149cc engine hasn’t been altered with

  • In its latest avatar, it still makes a rather measly 12.4PS and 13.3Nm
  • Underpinnings include a telescopic fork along with a mono-shock
  • At Rs 1.29 lakh though, one can’t help but find it rather expensive

Revving up excitement in the motorcycle arena, Yamaha has unveiled the FZ-S FI V4 in two captivating hues that add a dash of snazziness to the scene. Priced at an attractive Rs 1,28,900 (ex-showroom Delhi), these new color variants offer not only a visual treat but also a pocket-friendly option, coming in at Rs 500 more affordable than the DLX variant.

Standout DLX Variant

Breaking away from the exclusivity of the DLX variant, the standard FZ-S FI V4 is now available in two distinct colors – Dark Matte Blue and Matte Black. Both options exude a stealthy allure, adorned with a striking matte finish.

Matte Blue & Matt Black Shades

The Dark Matte Blue variant showcases a captivating dual-tone blend of blue, with sleek black accents on the side panels, engine, and fenders. Adding a sporty touch, it features a slim white stripe on the wheels, enhancing its visual appeal. On the other hand, the Matte Black variant embraces a truly stealthy aesthetic, complemented by bold red 'Version 4.0' lettering on the fuel tank and vibrant stripes on the wheels.

More Contemporary Outside

While these aesthetic updates steal the spotlight, the core of the bike remains unchanged. The FZ-S FI V4 continues to be propelled by a robust 149cc single-cylinder engine, delivering a power-packed performance of 12.4PS and 13.3Nm. Notably, it stands out in its segment by offering the added feature of traction control, a distinctive inclusion in the Indian market.

Formidable Rivals

As the FZ-S FI V4 hits the roads in its refreshed avatars, it faces stiff competition from formidable rivals in the segment. The likes of the Bajaj Pulsar N160, TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Hero Xtreme 160R, and Honda XBlade pose as worthy contenders, setting the stage for a compelling battle in the realm of 150cc motorcycles.


Catering to the contemporary preferences of the first-time buyer or those seeking an upgrade from smaller-displacement motorcycles, Yamaha introduces the FZ-S FI Version 4.0 Deluxe. This iteration focuses on delivering a harmonious blend of fuel efficiency and refinement at city speeds, making it an ideal choice for urban riders. The bike's accessible seat height and low kerb weight further enhance its maneuverability, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience.

While the FZ-S FI Version 4.0 Deluxe boasts an appealing overall styling, including notable upgrades, some riders might find the design slightly disproportionate. The bulkiness of the fuel tank, in particular, could be a point of consideration for those with specific aesthetic preferences. However, the bike compensates for this with its efficient city-oriented features and performance.

Priced at a modest premium, approximately Rs. 14,000 higher than its predecessor, Version 4.0 presents a compelling choice for riders looking for an upgrade. The enhanced features and refinements justify the price difference, offering a valuable proposition for those seeking a step-up in their riding experience.

Despite its strengths, the FZ-S FI Version 4.0 Deluxe faces stiff competition from rivals in the market, notably the Suzuki Gixxer 155. As riders weigh their options, the looming presence of the Gixxer 155 adds an interesting dynamic to the decision-making process.