Used Electric Scooters: Is It Worth To Buy?

Used Electric Scooters: Is It Worth To Buy?

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jul 18, 2023

With the revised FAME 2 subsidies, new electric scooters have become quite expensive. 

  • The second hand electric scooter segment in India isn’t a very large one. 
  • Given that the sale of electric scooters has only recently picked pace, there aren’t many scooters in the used market. 
  • But if you do insist on one, here’s what we’d advise you to keep in mind. 

Compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the initial expense of owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) is generally higher. For those facing budget constraints, choosing a pre-owned or used electric vehicle can be a more affordable alternative. However, it is important to consider certain factors when purchasing a used electric scooter.

  1.What’s its range? 

The driving range of an electric vehicle (EV) is directly determined by the battery's capacity. In simple terms, a larger battery allows for a longer range before needing to be recharged.

However, it is crucial to test the vehicle based on your own driving habits to observe the actual range it provides, which may differ from the manufacturer's claimed range. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of how the EV performs in real-world conditions and tailor your expectations accordingly.

  2.State of the electric motor

While it's easy to assess the visual condition of a vehicle, determining the state of its powertrain is more complex. Electric Vehicle (EV) powertrains are relatively simple, with fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engines. The drive motor is unlikely to be damaged through regular driving unless it experiences a physical impact. However, evaluating the condition of the battery pack and circuitry is considerably more challenging.

  3.Maintenance charges of the electric scooter

Compared to traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are known for their simplicity in maintenance. The powertrain of an EV has a significantly lower number of moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance costs.

However, it's important to note that the replacement cost of the battery can be quite high, and this is an eventual expense that EV owners need to consider. Additionally, EV users must exercise caution regarding power surges during the charging process. As long as these factors are taken care of, owning an EV generally entails smooth sailing in terms of maintenance.

  4.Charging infrastructure around you

Having access to charging infrastructure is essential when owning an electric vehicle (EV). Many electric scooters are equipped with their own charging cables, while certain premium models like the Ather 450 can also be compatible with fast-chargers provided by the manufacturer. It is advisable to consider installing such chargers at home if you are considering purchasing a pre-owned EV.

  5.Resale value/depreciation

It is widely known that both premium cars and two-wheelers experience rapid depreciation. This is particularly true for electric vehicles (EVs) in India, as they are predominantly considered premium. The depreciation factor is one of the primary reasons why people seek EVs in the used vehicle market.

The prices of EVs significantly decrease as soon as they leave the dealership. This price depreciation continues even if you choose to purchase a used electric vehicle.

All in all, these five things are factors you absolutely must keep in mind before dipping your toes in the second hand market for electric scooters. If all these five boxes tick in the right way for you, the electric scooter you are considering might be a good purchase for you. Something we would recommend is for you to test ride the prospective scooter before purchasing it.

While checking the papers is extremely important, there’s only so much that physical inspection will tell you about how a scooter rides, which essentially is the most important aspect about it. So if you want to learn more about it, nothing quite like taking it out for a day or two and spending some time with it, riding it around.