Bajaj Finance Health Insurance and Two-Wheeler Loan Benefits

Bajaj Finance Health Insurance and Two-Wheeler Loan Benefits

Loans by Team Drivio | Nov 09, 2023

When you apply for a two-wheeler loan with Bajaj Finance, the company may offer you a combined package along with health insurance. This protects you in case of loan defaults owing to adverse health conditions, besides reducing the liability on your family members to repay the loan.

Managing your financial well-being requires you to make certain conscious decisions. When it comes to securing motorcycle loans or purchasing a health insurance policy, Bajaj Finance continues to be a name synonymous with trust and innovation. However, are you aware of the dual advantages of securing a Bajaj Finance health insurance policy along with their two-wheeler loans?

As a motorcycle lover, you would be looking for a loan to finance your purchase. While Bajaj Finance does offer affordable loans, are you aware of the benefits of health insurance with Bajaj Bike loans?

You might be wondering what health insurance policies have to do with acquiring a motorcycle loan. That’s the reason we have come up with this guide, to help you understand the dual advantages of Bajaj Finance two wheeler loan and health insurance benefits.

Bajaj Finance Health Insurance Policies

There’s no denying that medical bills can drain out your lifetime’s savings. Therefore, having a health insurance policy is the cornerstone of your financial security. With Bajaj Finance health insurance, you enjoy peace of mind along with financial protection against unforeseen medical expenses.

Bajaj Finance has rolled out a wide array of health insurance plans to ensure comprehensive coverage. You can tailor these plans to suit your requirements and budget. The company is committed to making quality healthcare accessible to all.

Some of the health insurance packages offered by Bajaj Finance include:

  • Individual policies
  • Family floaters
  • Critical illness coverage

Each of these plans comes with unique features and benefits so that you can choose the right fit.

Key Features of Bajaj Finance Health Insurance

  • Wide network of hospitals: Bajaj Finance partners with an extensive network of healthcare providers and hospitals. This ensures that policyholders can enjoy access to quality medical care across the country.
  • Cashless claim settlement: Bajaj Finance offers cashless transactions at network hospitals, thereby simplifying the claim settlement process. As a policyholder, you need not worry about arranging for funds during a medical emergency.
  • No-claim bonus (NCB): Bajaj Finance provides policyholders with incentives when they make no claim in a calendar year. 
  • Tax benefits: When you pay health insurance premiums to Bajaj Finance, you become eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, reducing your financial burden.

Benefits of health insurance for individuals and families

Rather than considering Bajaj Finance health insurance as an expense, you must consider it as an investment to ensure your financial security. Check out how these policies can benefit individuals and families.

1. Financial protection

Medical expenses can be exorbitant, burning a hole in your pocket. With Bajaj Finance health insurance policies, you can protect your finances in times of illness.

2. Mental peace

Knowing that a health insurance policy is protecting you brings you mental peace. It implies that you can get necessary medical care without the fear of draining all your savings.

3. Access to quality healthcare

 Since Bajaj Finance has established collaborations with a vast network of hospitals, you can expect quality healthcare without worrying about financial constraints.

4. Regular health check-ups

Some of the Bajaj Finance health insurance policies include preventive health check-ups. This serves as a proactive approach to health and early disease detection.

Explore Different Bajaj Finance Two-Wheeler Loans

India is a country where two-wheelers define the infrastructure for commuting. Being one of the top NBFCs in the country, Bajaj Finance has come up with two-wheeler loans offering significant flexibility to owners. Whether you're eyeing that stylish scooter for daily commutes or a robust motorcycle for your adventures, you can get a two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finance.

What are the Bajaj Finance two-wheeler loan benefits 

Let’s take a look at the key two-wheeler loan benefits from Bajaj Finance.

  • Quick and easy approval: The loan approval process is amazingly smooth at Bajaj Finance. It takes a few days to get the loan sanctioned once you apply.
  • Customized EMI plans: Every individual has unique financial requirements, which explains why Bajaj Finance offers customized plans for paying your EMIs. You can enjoy flexible tenures and low rates of interest while purchasing your motorcycle.
  • Minimal documentation: Streamlining the documentation process, Bajaj Finance has significantly reduced paperwork while approving loans.  So, you need not visit physical branches around the city to apply for a motorcycle loan.
  • Low-interest rates: One of the prime two-wheeler loan benefits when you work with Bajaj Finance is their competitive interest rates. This way, you can save a substantial amount on the interest.
  • Wide network of dealers: Bajaj Finance has a vast network of partner dealerships. Thus, the company goes a long way in helping you own your dream bike.

Dual Advantages of Combining Health Insurance and Two-Wheeler Loan

Bajaj Finance continues to be a trusted financial institution, addressing the diverse financial needs of consumers in India. In a strategic move to ease up their financial journey, they have combined certain health insurance policies with two-wheeler loans. The dual advantage of this consolidated package ensures that you can secure the loan while maintaining your health at affordable costs.

 The prime reason to offer a health insurance policy with a two-wheeler loan is to reduce your liability to pay the loan if something negative befalls you. In the worst situation, Bajaj Finance won’t hold your family members liable to repay the loan in case you are unable to do so due to poor health conditions.

Here are some benefits of health insurance with Bajaj Bike loans combined.

  • Reduced administrative costs, making your premiums affordable
  • Reduction in your insurance premium since you are a part of their network
  • Higher loan amounts, since the insurance also protects the lender’s interest
  • Tax benefits for the borrower
  • Streamlined documentation process


The commitment of Bajaj Finance to ease up your financial journey is evident from its innovative packages that combine two-wheeler loans and health insurance. While you can continue enjoying its two-wheeler loan benefits, you remain protected against defaulting owing to poor health conditions. Thus, the company largely streamlines financial management, simplifying the documentation process and helping you with affordable motorcycle loans. With the dual advantages of this package, you can improve your financial well-being.